August 29, 2010

Baby Shower #1/Hedwig and The Angry Inch

I'm so immensely grateful to my girls that hosted the shower and the lovely guests and lovely gifts and love for the bird. But to say there wasn't a bit of a SNAFU would be a lie, and this blog is a documentation of the pregnancy- good and bad. You all know how important it is to me that we keep the baby's name a secret until she's born. Well, the baby's name was frickin yelled out at the shower to everyone! Not everyone heard it so I immediately announced that it's a secret and for those that did know(somehow)/just heard it to not repeat it. Apparently someone didn't really care and yelled it out again anyway. I had to leave the room so that I wouldn't get into a bitch fight while 8 months pregnant, and I still can't believe it even happened. To say that I was hurt would be an understatement. It was really hard going back in that room with a happy face for the next hour and a half, let me tell ya. 
With that being said, I realize that in the end we're going to tell everyone the name in a couple of months anyway so, whatever right? It was more the action than the outcome that upset me, and that's just something I'll have to get over. So it goes.
D didn't take a lot of pictures at first, and out of the pics he did take these were the best, clearest shots.

The room was adorable.
We ended up writing "yay for baby bird!" on this chalkboard..

Those are cupcakes under all that frosting..

Opening presents..

Kissin' on my friend's adorable 1 year old, Landon. 

I snapped these shots with my phone before the shower and also while we were at D's performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I didn't even know his band was playing as well until we got there. We also didn't know that we'd be out until 2am! Thank goodness I brought my flats because it was a looooong effing day.
Mama Bird
Baby Bird
Baby bird before the show
From the stage
The 86 List playing
Baby bird listening to her pops rock that shit from the side stage!


  1. people. effing. suck.

    im sorry mama. i hope you got to enjoy your party. and if not, dont you have another one coming up anyway? ;)

  2. What a cute room...on the other hand why would people think it would be okay to do that?! I seriously think I would have bitched some people out. That is so rude and hurtful. Im sorry you had to deal with that on what was supposed to be your relaxing day!

  3. thanks girls... i do have another shower coming up this saturday but this first one wasn't a total disaster... just had a disastrous moment. :o( it's all good though...

  4. aw i'm sorry... but boy do i wish i was there. :)

  5. I'd be mad too! Some people just like to get a rize out of others. That shower looks like it turned out soo cute!! I can't wait to see you're little bebe.

    P.S you are the cutest pregnant girl eva!

  6. What an adorable shower! LOVE the decorations. I am really sorry the name was's really messed up...almost as messed up as you wearing HEELS at 8 months pregnant. You mean business mama!

    In all seriousness, I am sorry about the "incident." I am sure it put a sour note on your day. A friend of mine is due with her 2nd in Jan. and her & hubs like the surprise. They didn't find out the sex with #1 and weren't going to on this one either...her Doc KNEW that. Well, that didn't stop him from saying, "Well, I hope you saved all those boy clothes" to them during an unexpected ultrasound check. My friend is "ok" but her hubby is PISSED.

    Hugs to you and I hope your next shower is incident free.

    It takes balls to mess with a hormonal pregnant woman... in heels no less!

  7. Wow, what a beautiful party!! :) Looks like fun!

  8. Shawntae: yes, some ppl are just stupid! haha and thanks!!!!!

    Hunt Family: Ummmm after hearing your friend's story i don't feel so bad.. THAT'S HORRIBLE!! i hope her husband kicks their doctor's ass haha. anyway yea i'm crazy and i still wear heels! i figured i'd be sitting most of the time so it worked out.

    Janet: thank you so much!

  9. I'd slap a bitch. Whoever was nearby. Frustration gone. Apologize later. ;)

    No, but seriously, good for you, your baby's little party was beautiful & well hosted. :D I looked like loads of fun.

  10. How cute! I totally know where that is-- we shop there a lot for shoes for Brooke :)
    How terrible to disregard your wishes about wanting to keep your little one's name a secret.. naming a child is a personal thing and I can't believe how RUDE people can be!

    Well, you're looking great anyway mama!

  11. Just found your blog... I'm 27.5 weeks. Your shower looks absolutely ahh-maz-inggg!!! so pretty!

  12. Your baby shower was soooooooo posh, Looked great! Pity about the name thing, We also wanted to keep it secret people really hassled us to tell it was annoying to say the least. Hope you had fun anyway ;)

  13. 1. WHAT A GORGEOUS SHOWER! My gosh! That is TALENT!

    2. That is absolutely so rude.. :( I am so sorry! Whenever my hubby and I are expecting our 2nd... I am going to keep it a secret as well... HOPEFULLY nothing gets RUINED. ;)
    ANYHOW... :)
    I can't wait to hear your baby girls name! :)

  14. First off that room is perfect! You look ADORABLE too! Ugh, I can't believe they would do that, bleh!

    I'm sorry but don't let it affect you too much, you are having a baby soon-so exciting!!!

  15. Nynga: haha! hilarious.. although if i had slapped a bitch i doubt the shower would've ended up any kind of good at all.. ;o)

    Lori: Thanks lovely! Isn't Cupcake Boutique awesome? ;o)

    Katie: Hello! and thank you!!

    Kriznizzle: thank you! yes, people hassel you A LOT and it does get annoying but I still think it's less annoying than if we were to tell ppl. i'm kind of dreading baby bird's bday and announcing the name because i really don't feel like hearing everyone's opinions..haha thank you! although i can't take credit for the decor... that's the venues doing.. ;o)

    Jmay: thanks! i know, ppl are dumb sometimes.. but nothing was ruined.. it's all good ;o)

  16. I'm so jealous of your cupcake cake! I wanted one so badly at my baby shower but I couldn't find one. :(

  17. Jazmyn: awww I'm sorry! I'm sure you'll have lots of other occasions to get one though!!!!!! Birthday cupcakes are way better than birthday cake! XOXO

  18. i love everything about that shower. the curtains and the poms and the chandeliers. and you looked beautiful, as always! it sounds like you had a great time [despite the b shouting out baby dolls name. who does that?!?]
    also, how fun and sexy to have the hubs be in a band and listen and watch him play from backstage. isnt that every girls dream! :)

  19. Jill: thanks! the shower was fun and yes i always love watching my man do his thaaaang! it's even more fun when we're playing shows together!! XOXO