August 26, 2010

Calling All Mamas!

I need your advice! D and I have yet to buy something for the baby to sleep in during the early months and I was wondering what all of you use/d. We put a sleeper rocker on our registry that says your baby can sleep in it all night, so I've been reading reviews on it just in case someone buys it, but it doesn't seem like anyone really used it for more than just a nap time sleeper. Did any of you use something like this? Or do you have any good suggestions? We already have a pack-n-play but I refuse to have that bulky thing set up in our room all the time and don't have that much room on my side of the bed anyway. Advice would be much appreciated!

Speaking of registry items, we've already received some in the mail! I'm so grateful for the friends and family in my life and I can't tell you how much it means to us to receive so much love for baby bird!
My cousin sent us this adorable diaper bag. She was so worried because she bought it before she read this post that I put up a while back. I'd just like to clarify that I am not anti-diaper bags! My point was simply that I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a diaper bag just because it's an "actual diaper bag." This one is awesome and I'm probably going to use the shite out of it! Thank you Lisa and fam! xoxo
Eva-Lani sent this book and boppy/bobby cover! She also sent some other gifts but there's no point in seeing pictures of little necessities like wipes, etc (though of course they're still MUCH appreciated). Thank you love!
Such a cute book..
This is by far my favorite boppy pillow cover I've ever seen.

I've been lounging around all week at home because I'm not allowed to drive until we get the EEG test results back. At first it was great, but now I'm starting to get really antsy. I can't wait for tomorrow because it's the start of our weekend(yep 4 days for D again). Plus, my first baby shower with all of my old coworkers is Saturday and I can't wait to see everyone! I feel like it's been forever. We used to have get-togethers at my old house where I lived with roommates, and then our old apartment, all the time! Then I had the "all day sickness" from hell in early pregnancy, which led to my being a complete hermit, which then led to getting ready to move, and now we still haven't even had a house warming party because we're still not done with the new place! I can't wait to be the regular meeting spot again once things are in order. Especially with a cute little birdie to show off and have everyone love on. ;o)

Might post a video later.. I caught some crazy footage of baby's kicks and rolls!
Happy Thursday!


  1. i used the dreaded pack and play. maybe you could find a cute one? but it didn't last long because he ended up in bed with me for the first few months. but also you'll be surprised what you may end up doing. sometimes we resort to things we never thought we'd do. like, my best friend had her baby sleep in her car seat for the first few months of her life because she literally wouldn't sleep anywhere else. you do what you gotta do. just keep an open mind. seriously.

  2. i used the pack and play for my first, with the newborn attachment that makes it easier to get to them. and this bassinet with my 2nd

  3. ps. we ended up co-sleeping with both after the first couple weeks anyway. haha.

  4. i used the arms reach cosleeper and i loved it. I wish I could still use it. It has storage underneath and on the sides which is great for middle of the night changes and he was always right there but still had his own space.I highly recommend it.
    have fun at your baby shower!!

  5. I used the Fishprice Newborn Rocker a LOT when Jackson was born! It was the only thing he would sleep in- other than my arms. Just know that baby bird will probably want to snuggle with you most of the night, but as she gets older she'll be more willing to move into her own bed. :) I would definitely recommend getting the Newborn Rocker though- it's super!

  6. we used a moses basket and LOVED it. it is a snuggly 'womb' like space for them and we could move it all over the house for sleeping and even took it on vacation with us. the best part was being able to pull it into bed with us and have it be a super safe place for her to sleep with us. then when it was time to transfer to her packnplay/bassinet we just set it in there for a few weeks till she got used to the view and then took it out and she transitioned very well! now it serves as a cute decoration in her nursery.

  7. Seriously, a simple bassinet saved our life the first four (five?) months of Henry's life. They are narrow, so they work well in small rooms. Also, the high side walls and top dome keep the light and some noise/movement out of the baby's face. You can pull it riiight next to your bedside and easily pull the baby out while you're still in bed (perfect for breastfeeding...).

    Also, when you're ready to move them into their own room you can just wheel the bassinet in there to help them transition. Big, open walled cribs are scary at first!

  8. hi! I'm a new follower!
    I had a pack n play right next to my bed. It was perfect! Everything I needed was there so he could sleep, be changed, fed, etc and I didn't have to leave the bed! Plus... I ended up having a c-section so I wasn't allowed to go up and down stairs for a week. I slept downstairs with the pack n play next to me. it was great. I just got the regular old graco kind and even though my son is 4 now, I still take it on trips! He sleeps in the bottom part and it folds up so quickly and easily.

  9. Get a bouncer! I co-slept with both of my babies for a while, but during the day we used this.

    It was the #1 used baby item (my kids were not swing kids ;) ), so when my son came around, we bought one in blue. It vibrates and plays music, but the vibrating was a huge plus. Baby napped in it all the time and I would move the bouncer to the bathroom when I was showering and getting ready. At dinner time, I would have the bouncer in the kitchen while my babe napped.

  10. and a little tip (I checked out your registry)

    There is NO WAY you'll need that many newborn diapers. I think I went through one *maybe two before my kiddos were in size one. Even size ones were quick.

    Stock up on #2 and up

  11. WOW!!! Thank you guys for all your input! XOXOXO

    Jess: i'll try to keep an open mind but this gal is stubborn to the core and i highly doubt i'll give in to the pack-n-play...haha

    Becky: we've considered the co-sleeping thing but we're going to try our hardest not to give in. but like Jess said " ya gotta do what ya gotta do."

    Adriana: thanks! i'll check out the arms reach cosleeper :o)

    Blondie Mommy: i'm pretty sure you had the exact same one as we have on our registry! did you let your baby sleep in it overnight though? or just naps?

    Melissa: we were thinking about the same transitional tactics.. though if our original sleeper is too big to put IN the crib we'll just put it in the nursery next to it for a while for her to get used to it ;o)

    Allie: thanks! that's what we plan to do to transition baby into crib as well ;o)

    Mandy: thank you! i love it!

    Leah: hello and thanks for reading! a psychic told me i'd end up having a c-section..haha i know i'm silly.. but i'm definitely preparing for it just in case she's right and i too have stairs! we'll probably have to sleep i the guest room for that week i guess and i KNOW the pack n play wont fit in there cause it extra tiny but thanks for the heads up about the no stairs rule! i didn't even think of that!!

    Hunt Family: hahaha I guess i got a little overeager on those diapers huh? just goes to show what i don't know/realize about new babies and that's why i'm extra happy i made this blog and get to meet all you ladies to help guide me along! xoxo

  12. i didnt read all the comments yet so im not sure if someone already suggested this but i found an eddie bauer bassinet off craigslist for $60 and i used that next to my bed for the first 4 months or so. it was perfect, had a little shelf underneath too.

  13. ok i read the comments...almost everyone gives that 'dont buy too many newborn diapers' advice BUT liv was in newborns for at least 2 months, more like 3 i think! and she wasnt freakishly tiny either. my boyfriends sister kept her baby in newborns for well over a month too and that baby is kinda a chunker! everyone is different though but i know youre a small girl yourself and theres a good chance your baby will be fairly small too. anyway, be prepared for any size i suppose :]

  14. Hi Jessica! Jackson slept in the Fisherprice Rocker at night and for naps during the day- so we used it ALL the time! Definitely worth it! :)

  15. Alissa: Thanks for the input! I guess we'll just try to find a happy medium as far as the diapers go.. though I'm still not quite sure what that is.. ;o) We already have two boxes of the organic huggies newborn size so i figure with the couple that we get from the showers we should be ok for a while.

    Blondie Mommie: Thanks for the reply! That's really good to know.. I think we'll definitely just wait until after the showers now in case we get the fisher price rocker and then if so we'll use it, if not, we'll still have time to shop around. xoxo