August 04, 2010

Diaper Bag Shmiaper Bag

I know I've written about this before, but seriously... why the hell do people waste so much money on buying an "actual diaper bag" when a big purse is just as sufficient? Same size, same pocket/compartment space, and if you have everything in it's proper place and case, same leak protection. Not to mention you have way more cool options! 
I've already shown you guys my first official "diaper bag" stand-in... 

Exhibit A: The Yellow Bag
  (on sale at Ross for $15)
But here are my other two bags that will work perfectly size and style wise..

Exhibit B: The Black & White L.A.M.B. Bag
(on sale from Nordstrom Rack. Actually, it was a gift so it was $free)

Exhibit C: The Black Bag
($35 from Le Grand Marqet)

I'm sure I'll eventually buy more purses, as a purse loving gal does, that will end up serving at least a part-time purpose of "diaper bag" as well... but for now these are my designated friends.


  1. I am doing the same thing! I actually just posted about it recently. haha. great minds think alike! I found some awesome ones at Target on clearance for $20! score!

  2. woot woot! of course you guys are on the same page.. that's why i relate to/love you! ;o)

  3. Those are gorgeous! My hubs dished out some $$ to get me a Kate Spade diaper bag that we just carry around simply b/c it was so much money. Most of the time I carry a purse with wipes, diapers and whatnot.

    Better to wait and see what kind of bag you'll need with the baby bird!

  4. Lori: that's cute that your hubs bought it for you. it's different to get it as a thoughtful gift. i'm sure my needs in a bag will be different when she's actually here.. but it's still just a bag and i think the bags i have will work great. we'll see if i eat my words! haha

  5. yup a large bag works great. the only real reason i use a separate diaper bag is because at different ages and stages they need so much crap..there isnt always enough room in the bag for my wallet, keys, camera, phone etc.

  6. yep, can't forget about all my crap!

  7. i leave a bag/purse/ etc.. in each car at all times with extra changes of clothes, sunscreen, bottled water, lotion, all the fixins'

    That way my purse only carries the main essentials.. 1 diaper, small case of wipes, etc...

    I am awesome like that

  8. "Just in case" bags in every car? Genius! I'm so going to do that now.. thanks for the idea!

  9. I have to admit I fell into the diaper bag hype until I saw the prices and how ugly the majority of them were. Love this idea