August 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home Depot

Seriously. We are always here:

And now I can't wait to be here:


  1. I don't blame you!! i remember when I was in my 8th and 9th month and EVERYONE wanted me to walk, my husband, my mom, my friends... all i wanted to do was sleep... there were times when i had to go grocery shopping by myself... I wanted to sleep the minute I started pushing that cart around the store!

  2. yea it's not so bad at first but by mid-day it starts getting pretty brutal!

  3. dude, i got the CRAZIEST sharp pains towards the end of my pregnancy. it felt like an icepick was shooting down my VAG (sorry). weird nerve pains.

    anyway, how does your husband have mad carpentry skillz?

  4. oh yay, vagina pains! haha

    D just has this natural way of knowing how to fix and build everything. he taught himself how to work/fix cars and taught himself how to do his job, started taking classes to get different licenses and started working his way up the ladder. he's the youngest foreman for the high voltage electric/construction company that he works for. they do underground, very intense stuff. he seriously blows me away on a daily basis. not to mention all of the house stuff that he's done!

  5. Hi! Just wanted to say hello. I am a new follower (found you on Top Baby Blogs). I am also pregnant...due in about 3 1/2 weeks! It's such an exciting time!

  6. Hello Dana darlin! Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to check out your blog! YAY FOR PREGNANT GALS!!!! SOSOSO exciting!