August 06, 2010

A Letter To Myself

Dear Self, 
Through the brown, black, red and blonde days and nights of your life you've really had it made. Freedom, friends, fun. Bars, boys, booze. You danced until morning, laughed until sleep and had too many "ciggy ciggy friendship times" to count(smoke breaks with friends). Then, one day you chose another path. Marriage, baby, family. Yes, this path is and will be filled with a very different variety of fun. No, I will never forget or completely lose you. I may not get completely wasted, but trust that mama's gonna throw a few back. I may have an earlier bedtime most nights, but D and I will always make time to party with friends or just with each other. So cheers to the past, cheers to the present and cheers to the future. Full of love, babies & even martinis.

this last picture was taken at our "last hoorah martini party" we had at our old apartment. we were officially gonna try for a baby bird, so we threw an impromptu shindig, got wasted, i dyed my hair back to dark brown a few days later (so i wouldn't have to deal with roots) and i seriously got knocked up within the week. ahhhh memories..


  1. oh my god, you rock as a blonde.

  2. I particularly like the redhead!
    You guys are a fabulous couple :)

  3. OH MY GOD. so i totally copied and pasted what you said about hanging out with sawyer and sent it to my step mom (another psycho lost fan).

    i literally could IMAGINE exactly how you described it. i swear though, i would be so out of my mind turned on and ready to jump him. i've googled his wife before and was shocked about how UGLY she is. i mean, it gives me a chance right?!!!?@#!?$@#$?>%@!W#%?

    oh god. i seriously wish that experience could of happened to me. it would have made my LIFE. i love him so much that if he knocked on my door right now i'd just have to go with him and explain to josh later. actually, i think josh would want me to considering i'm in utter complete love with him.

  4. YEAH RIGHT. for one, i'm not cool enough for anything like that to even ever happen to me.

  5. I read your sawyer comment on Jess' blog too and could also totally picture it all. It's crazy how much changes when you have a baby, but also crazy how much doesn't change. My husband and I aren't as crazy as we were in Chicago just a year ago, but still make time for our habits. It's really important to me that "MOM" doesn't take over the parts of me that are me. Being a mom is the best part of me for sure, but if I ever lost the piece from the past I think I'd loose my mind.

  6. haha yea i'm not worried about it actually. i don't think i could lose that part of me if i tried! but yes, it will be very different once adding the mom part.

  7. jess's comments are hilarous! i would also fall over dead if sawyer ever called me freckles!

    you are so cute as a blonde! i love all these drinky drink pictures!

  8. oh and you're shoes in the last picture-sooooooo cute!!!

  9. good post. as much as being a mom is amazing and wonderful, i think part of me is grieving a little bit for my 'previous life.' but then she looks in my eyes and smiles and i know everything will be ok.

  10. Jill: thanks! Those heels are Betsey Johnson! xoxo <3

    Laura: You don't have to grieve over the old you! You make the decisions! I say, if you have time to do a blog post, you have time to have a drink with a friend ;o) It doesn't make you a bad parent to make time away from baby.. in fact I 100% believe it makes you a BETTER parent to take time to reconnect with yourself. xoxoxoxo

  11. talk to me in 6 months. :0)
    but i must say, 2 cold beers in the tybee sun did me just right today...
    lovin' your blog, you look so cute with your baby bird belly! fly style indeed.

  12. haha yea i'm sure it's harder! but it can't be impossible! i'm determined!