August 05, 2010

Nursery: Stage 3

The nursery is not quite, but close to finished and I thought I'd share the few things things we've done since the last nursery post.

My mom just sent us this beautiful double-sided blanket. You can kind of see where I folded it over on the right and the back is more yellow dominate. We have it on the crib for now but it doesn't really match the room to be left on display. Either way I love it so much and you'll probably see lots of future pictures of the bird with/on/in it.

Our curtain pull-backs that I showed you are up and doin' their job. I admit that I don't always use them though because I really like when the curtains are down... they remind me of a waterfall.

The newly painted gray shelves, owl bank, new book, tattooed dolls(that I bought forever ago) & and the best polaroid picture ever.. I'll get to that in a second. We had the owl bank on the side table but I bought a clock for it instead so I'm waiting for that to come in the mail. Me and the mailman are seriously on a first name basis now.

This is for all you Lost fans out there to appreciate.
I don't think I ever told you guys that D is actually one of Charlie's bandmates in his band "Drive Shaft" on Lost. D appeared on the show in 4 episodes (I think) and in one of the episodes "Drive Shaft" was filming a commercial for "Butties Diapers".. in which they actually wore diapers and were in a giant crib dancing to their music. Totally and ridiculously great. Well one of the people on set took this polaroid of them while they were filming and as soon as we unpacked it from some of D's old boxes I knew it had to go in the nursery. D's the guy on the left with the 86 List tattoo across his stomach. I love this picture. 
Oh and yes, if you click on the part I wrote that's in a different color up there, it links you to a video of that scene. Haha!

This is for Jess!
I'm going to refer to all of them by their character names because that's how I want to remember them..
Me and Sawyer and Jin at a bar.. haha I don't know if my friend wants her picture on here so that's why I edited it out. I got Sawyer to call me "Freckles" 3 times that night.

D with the Drive Shaft boys. The guy with his arm around him is his real life bandmate in 86 List, Josh.
I love Charlie's "bad ass" face. The guy on the far left played Charlie's brother Liam and he and D talked a lot that night about me and his wife and pregnancy because his wife is pregnant too. We even have his phone number. ;o)

A secret picture D snapped with his cell when waiting in the trailer with Claire and Daniel. Funny story: D didn't know that Claire was wearing a fake pregnant belly for the show and he was getting so mad at her because she was chain smoking! He finally texted me about it and I filled him in that it was fake. Haha so funny how he had no idea what was going on in the show but he was on it. Also he said that Claire got a little tipsy with the girl that played Charlotte and they were dancing all night in the trailer when they weren't filming. 




  2. Me too! I've seen the cast and crew a lot around the island but I never got to go to the set with him when he filmed. I even hung out with Sawyer and Jin at a bar and got Sawyer to call me "freckles" three times! hahah He was so wasted! I'll put up two more pictures that D got of some of the cast last time they filmed (for the season finale actually) and the one of me with Sawyer and Jin and my friend at the bar! ;o)

  3. Oh my god, that is SO cool!!!!!

    Your babies nursey is gorgeous, but the LOST thing is so awesome! :)

  4. thanks! it is pretty cool that he did that! that's why i had to have it in the nursery ;o)


    you have LIKE NO CLUE of my love for sawyer. whenever i'm bored, i just google, "sawyer". I'M GOING TO DIE. i feel like, i'm so much closer to sawyer now.

    I AM SO JEALOUS. GOD I HATE YOU SO BAD. if sawyer called me freckles i'd seriously have like 10 orgasms.

  6. hahaha Jess! wow you really do love him now i feel bad! i didn't mean to rub it in! don't hate me...


  7. just tell me, did he TOUCH you? did he buy your drinks!? i need to know all the details of the night. what is he like? i heard he's really goofy.

    and did you call him sawyer or josh? I NEED TO KNOW.

  8. I am so jealous right now! My husband and I loved LOST and was deeply sadden when it ended! at least we have all the seasons on DVD :)

  9. me too! but i have to admit i was disappointed in the ending.. :o(