August 17, 2010

Our Little Family

If someone were to ask me a few years ago where I thought I'd be in 3 years, I probably would've said something like "on tour and single and partying" or "living on the mainland, and starting a new band" or "going to cosmetology school and playing music." (at one point I was really planning on going to school) 
Everything was centered around me, music and not boys. I'd been through a few battles and came out the most decorated soldier of all time, but a lone soldier. Those were my years to be bitter, those were my years to be selfish. I would've never thought I'd be where I actually am.
That's the beauty of life.
It somehow knows what you really need more than you do, and if you open up, let the battle wounds heal and follow your gut, life will somehow deliver that to you. 
Derek was always the guy I needed. Right underneath my nose for years but the timing wasn't right. I wasn't ready. Now I'm at a place with myself where I know what's important and what I really want and he's the perfect partner to navigate through that with me. I love what we've already accomplished together and the path that we're on more than any other in my life. 
We have a home..
.. and love..
.. and our little family.
I couldn't be more grateful.


  1. I did.. with my Canon and a tripod ;o)

  2. what kind of camera do you have? i love it!

  3. what a sweet post! The photos are cool. I just realised this morning that I got a tripod about a month ago and still haven't used it. I got it the day before we went on holidays and I forgot all about it when we got back.

  4. Erin: it's a Canon EOS 50D ;o) i love it too

    Kat: Tripods are a must! You don't always have an extra photographer around... ;o) i actually want to get a remote too.

  5. How cute :) Nice to see grateful people nowdays amidst all of the complaining and b*tching that goes on!

  6. Lori: I know right? And I hate it that all those ppl ALSO feel the need to bitch about people that DON'T bitch! Not everyone has huge issues or problems AT THIS TIME. I've had my fair share of crap to deal with and I'm not ashamed to say that RIGHT NOW I honestly have nothing to complain about. My blog is mostly positive because that's true to my life. Insecure ppl just try to say positive blogs are "superficial, fake, sugar coated, fluffy, or not genuine" to make themselves feel better.

  7. this post totally made my heart melt!