August 09, 2010

Rough Morning Turned Great Day

Yesterday morning got off to a rocky start. Emotions were running high and every little thing effected me to the point where I just had to cry it out in D's arms for a while. But soon after he helped me realize how silly it all was and cheered me up. Thanks a lot, pregnancy hormones.
After getting my shit together we headed out on our usual Sunday adventures. 

We bought the bumper for the crib and the sheets came in the mail so that's all done. Just kept it all white and crisp. I'll probably regret that later..
Bought a bunch of other stuff for the baby and the house. Shopping bags are something we've grown quite familiar with along with boxes that come in the mail. There were even more bags downstairs but I didn't feel like getting them. Stairs + pregnant me = not friends. 
Here's our new kick ace tv stand. We thought it was originally used as a dresser but when we took all the drawers out to clean them and polish the handles we discovered that the bottom left hand drawer is a filing cabinet. Must've been meant for the office..
We ended our night at Zia's Cafe with salads and iced tea, then headed home to put our new things in place and finally relax in our luxuriously cool bed.

Today I'm going with a friend to get pedicures. 
I've managed to keep any sort of foot swelling to a minimum and it has always gone away, but they still hurt on a daily basis. No matter what shoes I wear.
Hope you're all having a great Monday!

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