August 10, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Today can suck it!
 I went to lunch with a friend and all of the sudden after finishing our meal, I started to feel like I was going to faint. I chugged water but it was only getting worse to the point where I felt so weird I almost had an anxiety attack. Then I felt the urge to throw up so I just said "let's go!"(luckily we had already paid) and ended up throwing up outside my car in the parking lot! 
I would've gone to the bathroom but I was scared that I would faint in there!
She drove my car back to my house and we watched a movie in my bed so I could lie down. I drank lots of water but I still feel weird. Better, but weird. I know it's not the "morning sickness" coming back because it didn't feel the same. I'm guessing dehydration. Looks like I might have a doctor's appt tomorrow to check it out.
To make matters worse, D has a mandatory class after work so he won't be home until 8pm! 

I'm off to wallow in self pity and feel all preg-emotional about today.
Be back tomorrow as my old self again..


  1. Hope you feel better soon!! I am sure you will get a new follower soon I love followers too!!

  2. Have you had your iron checked lately? When I was pregnant with Liam I actually passed out getting out of the car, and then passed out driving and had to have an ambulance come get me and It turned out I was extremely anemic. I would always feel weird, dizzy and nauseated. You should def. have them check your iron.

  3. yea i have. they actually said i was slightly anemic and then said that i wasn't. weird, i know. but if you go to my old posts "random happenings and feelings" and "*update" i explain it there.

    maybe they were right the first time? or maybe things have changed? either way i already started taking an extra iron pill a couple of weeks ago just in case so that should've helped if i am anemic after all. ugh

  4. ah, that sucks. i had a few random puke days like this. i never had official morning sickness though. i'm sorry you were feeling like shit. it'll be over soon. :)