August 18, 2010

Shower Invites

I'm pretty sure by now everyone has received their invites so I wanted to share them with all of you lovely blogger gals. We ended up using the same design by Hannah for the 2 separate showers. My girlfriends are hosting the showers for me, but I wanted to pick the invite design because I love party planning and wanted to at least do something. 

Shower Invite #1: Cupcake Boutique
I love the little bird in the top corner and the vintage-y (almost western) font.

Shower Invite #2: BBQ at a friend's house
Same idea, different info. Sorry the smudges look all whackerdoodle but obviously I'm not going to put people's phone numbers or addresses on the internet. 


I found these awesome envelopes online that look plain on the outside, but when you open it there's a shiny red foil surprise! True effing love.

The best part is having an excuse to get all of your friends together at one time. Can't wait to see everyone, catch up, and have a big get-together before the bird arrives!