August 03, 2010

So Long Awesome Weekend

So yesterday was the last day of our weekend. I'm so sad to see you go, weekend. But I'll remember and cherish you always.

Our Monday adventures:
Me and the bird, with attitude and ready to roll..
Visited Otto at Otto Cake! Didn't indulge in any of their treats but it was nice catching up.
Had lunch at Kua'Aina Burger. Can you say, BLT Avocado sandwich?
D copied my order..
Went to visit this cute little shop called Cupcake Boutique, which is where my first baby shower will be...
...back in this room! So cute.
Stopped at Dairy Queen to split a Blizzard.

Next, we saw Inception. 'Twas good, and I'm glad to finally be in on what all the fuss is about. 
After the movie we went to Ala Moana Mall, did some shopping, then ate dinner at CPK. My favorite.

Spinach Artichoke Dip!
So funny how times have changed.. D's beer and my Shirley Temple.. can't wait to be back in the Booze Club again.
My chicken and salad dish.
D got the Thai Linguini.
We bought this rug on sale from Design Within Reach. ❤
Bought baby bird a block puzzle. Each side makes a different picture but you know how we do... right now it's on the birdies!
Bought this adorable book for the bird..
.. love the artwork.

Our Monday in a nutshell. Love four day weekends.

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