August 09, 2010


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I went with Dez to El Mariachi for lunch, then to get pedicures (electric blue nail polish!), then did some shopping and bought this cute owl photo album for pregnancy/baby pictures! 
Super fun, and now I'm super exhausted. 

But, there's more work to be done. Today also happens to be our 2 year dating anniversary. Which means we've already been married for a year and a half! We didn't waste any time jumpin' on that love train. I was just going to make D a cute card but decided to cook him a surprise dinner too... steaks, mashed potatoes and salad with sparkling cider! I'm off to the kitchen and a romantic evening with my lover!


  1. where did you get the owl album? i just happened to buy an owl journal today for the pregnancy and it looks EXACTLY like your album!

  2. oh my gosh! you guys didn't waste any time at all! but I think that's awesome, because you guys look like such a perfect couple.

    and now, get ready for the questions: how did you guys meet? when did you decide to get married? etc, etc. I hope at some point you'll have a sweet post about all of that stuff...and sorry if I somehow missed it already :)

  3. Happy dating anniversary! My husband and I dated for 3.5 years before we were married, so that is the only anniversary we celebrate. For our wedding anniversary we'll maybe go out for ice cream.... but the dating anniversary... how long we've been "together" is the one we go big on. We've been dating now "11 years" and married for 8 (I started as a young pup...high school sweethearts).

    I am in need of a pedicure right now too...currently MY electric blue polish needs to be taken off and be replaced with a red. I love that I am not the only one who rocks the blue on my toes.

  4. Erin: Found the owl photo album at Borders!

    Kait: You're so sweet... ;o) .... we met in our band. The band was formed except we didn't have a drummer. D drummed for our bassist's other band so he was recruited. He told me later he didn't want to be in it but when he met me at our first practice he was in ;o). We always had a secret thing for each other but I was in another relationship. Fast forward to 3 years later, both of us single, great friends (because we had known each other/played in a band together for over 3 years now) and it was perfect timing. We seriously went out as friends the first night, started dating the second, he practically moved in with me(i was renting a room in a house with a bunch of my girlfriends) the third night, we started talking about marriage only a few weeks in, then we got engaged after 2 months, and married at 6 months! Haha! It all sounds so fast, and technically it was, but you have to realize D was secretly in love with me for years before we dated, and I always had my eye on him.. ;o) so when it happened it was like "FINALLY!" <3

    The Hunt Family: Thank you! That's awesome that you guys have been together for that long, very romantic. ;o) AND that you also have electric blue on your toesies! Great minds think alike ;o)

  5. happy dating anniversary! the hubs and i totally celebrate that day too! he's going to love his special dinner.
    i told the internet how much i adore this sweet little blog in one of my last blog posts.

  6. Thanks Jill <3 Left you a comment on that post! ;o)