August 22, 2010

Ultrasound Pictures

Yesterday was our 4D ultrasound appt and the only disappointing thing was that the umbilical cord was all up in her face the whole time so not all of the shots were clear and it looks like she's wearing a scarf. I asked the technician if the cord was wrapped around her neck but she said that it was just in front of her. I'm thinking I might show my doctor the video at our next appt to get her opinion, just in case. Otherwise we loved seeing our little birdie and all of her facial expressions. The video will have to wait because I can't figure out how to save it onto my computer from the disc.

Definitely a girl!
My favorite expression,"The Scowl." She made this face when the technician was pushing on my stomach to try to get her to move(in hopes that the cord would move away from her face).
Big eyes.
Cute chubby cheeks.
Ugh, that umbilical cord makes me sad..
Almost a full body shot.
So sleepy.

Be back for the 32 week update..


  1. How beautiful is she?! Congratulations! I have only had two ultrasounds/sonograms so far, but I bawl my eyes out every time! Isn't it the best feeling in the world to see your baby! I am only 11 weeks, and I can't wait until my baby is big enough to see his/her face like this!

    Happy Sunday!

    -Mandy @ She Breathes Deeply

  2. ;o) our cute little lovie... ultrasounds really are the best. Congrats on your pregnancy! I'll definitely check out your blog! <3

  3. So cute! we didn't get a 3D ultrasound...kind of wishing we had now

  4. Aw! She's just lovely.

  5. I love it! She's gorgeous.
    Too bad about the cord though.
    Hopefully they're right and it's not wrapped- although {I} was born with the cord wrapped twice around my neck... they didn't even know until my head was out. They simply eased their fingers under it until I was completely born and very quickly unwrapped/cut/etc. I was (obviously!) okay! :)

  6. that is so cool! I can't wait till I have kids. It is going to be so much fun.

  7. jess, what have you heard about the ultrasounds? i really want to get one done so bad but my parents are so paranoid about it being unsafe (since it's not done at the hospital/doctors and the waves in the ultrasound, etc) that i'm scared now. :( but i see everyone having these done! any advice?

  8. Aww, gorgeous!

    Definitely looks like her umbi cord is up there, huh? :( I'll be thinking about you!


  9. Oh she's so beautiful! It's SO exciting to see them inside and then compare the ultrasound pictures to what they look like when they come out! I have a little book full of Jackson's ultrasound pics and I love flipping through it now and then to see how much he still resembles his "in-utero" pics!

  10. Dana: thankyou love!

    Nynga:Thank you so much! ;o)

    Jess: Thanks! I've read about/seen babies that were born with the umbilical cord wrapped around their necks... but of course as a mother you don't want ANY of that! ;o) I'm sure she'll be fine and when the time comes for her to enter this world we'll do what's best for her (and my) health and safety..

    Allie: Thanks me too! I love how her big toe is spread apart from the others! haha

    Kat: Isn't it crazy? Oh the technology these days!

    Erin: My advice is to do what's right and comfortable for YOU! Of course it's always wise to heed advice from others.. especially family! But I've heard the same things and decided to talk to my doctor about it. She basically told me that she wouldn't do more than 2 at most and that most doctors suggest that you not have a 4D ultrasound because sometimes you might walk away from the appt feeling worried (like me with the umbilical cord) or a technician won't detect a problem that a doctor would. Even so, my doctor still does the routine ultrasounds so we felt any problems would still be detected and we made the decision to go ahead with it. We were only going to do the one.. when we found out the gender.. but decided to do one last round of it for the pictures of her now that she's more developed. Maybe you guys would feel comfortable only doing 1? I'd talk to your doctor though, either way and get their opinion. Hope that made sense haha! xoxo

    Mrs. Muffins: (cute name btw) Thank you! I know I hate that stupid cord! It looks like it's strangling her! :o(

    Blonde Mommy: Thanks! I was looking at their "before and after" shots in the waiting room and it really is crazy! Can't wait to compare our little birdie ;o)

  11. SUPER Cute pictures! IT's amazing what we can do and see now! :)

  12. Thanks! I know it's insane! But I'm glad we were fortunate enough to have the experience. :o)

  13. awesome! i did this too, but way too early because wyatt looked like a weird skinny alien. but at the time i thought he was the most amazing thing ever. you'll be so happy you did this! you're going to cherish them forever.

  14. haha yea we did one at 18 weeks that was alien looking too.. but i ALSO thought she was adorable! i can't to compare these to what she looks like when she's here.