August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap

I'd like to first start off by saying, I'm scared for my baby name's sake! I've already explained in detail my feelings on this whole baby name thing and we've had the name picked out for f.o.r.e.v.e.r. The name will not change. But seriously I just found yet another blogger that used the name, and then there's a blogger who has yet to announce their baby name, but it seems very possible that it could be the same as ours. I really really really hope it's not... blah.

On to the weekend: 
Friday evening was D's cd release show and he had the day off from work as it was "Statehood Day." So, he spent the entire day building/painting this merch table (to set up at the venue and lay out all the merchandise inside to sell, all fancy like). This wasn't quite the finished product but you get the idea. It was fully loaded with rope lights and it's own folding legs and you could close it up and lock it. Very impressive for a day's work. It was pretty much the creme de la creme of merch tables. Damn that boy is good!
Mama & Baby Bird: 31 weeks, 6 days
(Side note: I was leaning on my left leg so that's why my foot looks oddly contorted haha whatevs)
Saturday we woke up exhausted because we stayed out until 2am for the release party the night before. After lounging around in bed for a few hours we finally got ready for our day and headed out to lunch.
We went to a nearby Thai restaurant because I was craving Thai Iced Tea so hard all week. Delicious does not begin to describe how good it was to satisfy that craving..
Before our 4D ultrasound appt we had some time to kill, so we stopped at Goodwill and I scored this adorbs bathing suit for the bird! It was only $2 and has no stains. It actually looks like it's never been used. Love those tiny strawberries..
Saturday evening was LJ's bday party (Hannah's hubby). It was a "Gamer's Paradise" theme (right up my alley.. I actually love video games) and they went all out. Hannah made these effing awesome cupcakes to look like a Pacman screen and they were so cool I almost couldn't eat them.
Guests playing Mario Kart on the biggest screen of all time..
They set up a projector and a huge white sheet as the screen to play the Wii on. There were multiple gaming stations and different gaming consoles. This projector was set up outside on their patio by the pool. They have the best damn party house ever..
Sunday morning I woke up to D being the cutest husband/dad ever (as usual). He was watching the "Caring For Your Newborn" DVD that they gave us at the ultrasound appt and my heart couldn't have felt more full so early in the morning.. I immediately grabbed my phone to snap this shot.
Our view of the room at Lamaze class. Our teacher is Janis Bush, the same woman that gave us the Birth Center Tour. She was awesome, but I already knew she would be. So glad we brought pillows, because we were sitting on this floor for almost 3 hours straight. The random flowers and plant in the middle of the room crack me up.
After Lamaze we ate at Genki Sushi (no I did not eat raw fish, I ate avocado maki and a teri chicken bowl with rice) and had a delicious triple chocolate dessert. 
The rest of our Sunday was spent grocery shopping and lounging after a busy weekend. We watched The Business of Being Born and it scared me even more to think that if the psychic is right and I do end up having a c-section well.. that would suck.

Today, I'm just hanging out at home until my doctor's appt. D's leaving work early to take me. I have to lie there for over an hour for this thing so I'm really glad he'll be there in the room with me.
Hope you're all having a great Monday!


  1. First of all, I don't think you should worry about your baby bird's name. You just can't predict which name will be popular, especially if you are ahead of the trend. (Like if you named your kid Madison 15 years ago)

    Second, I was scrolling through your blog and I'm curious abot the psychic you went to see. Can you give me a contact #? It's on my bucket list to see ONE and I'm interested... thanks!

  2. Lori: very true... most names become super popular over time anyway..
    also i'll be emailing you her number and info! make an appt now because she books out months in advance! ;o)

  3. I just ran across a blogger who used our name too ... but a different spelling. We're not 100% set, but man oh man, it does make you stress a bit!

  4. i love these little updates!

  5. Gretchen: sure does!! :o/

    Jill: thanks! i know sometimes it's silly but that's what i made this blog for.. to keep everyone updated on our going-ons! glad people other than family can enjoy it too :o)

  6. how in the world do you take the photos of your belly from your point of view and have them come out so good? I love them!

  7. haha honestly i don't know! i just point and shoot!

  8. please don't sweat the c-section thing! it'll be fine no matter what. seriously...

    and what's the name gonna be? you're making me think i could guess it. i have an idea in my head on what it is...

  9. I'll try but I'm such a worrywart! Still not tellin' the name.. you can try to guess but I don't think you'll get it.. ;o)

  10. mmmm i think i may know the name!! haha.

  11. haha why does everyone think they can guess the name now? are we all reading the exact same blogs? i mean there are thousands! if not millions!

  12. my heart feels so warm and fuzzy for you both.. that is too sweet, d watchin' that video.. glad you had a great time at the party! hope to see you soon! muah :+

  13. thanks Hannah! you guys throw great parties! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo