August 20, 2010

When It Rains, It Pretty Much Pours

Scary news for the Hoeft Household..

Yesterday I had my routine doctor's appt and I told her about my issues with feeling dizzy and unable to focus for the past couple of weeks. She went through all of my blood work and information, puzzled. After explaining to her in more detail just what I mean by "unable to focus" she seemed a little more concerned. So concerned that not only did she say I need to see a neurologist, but she walked down the hall to his office herself to book me an appt with them half an hour after I walked out of this one. 
Basically I wait around for an hour and half by the time they actually fit me in only to leave with another appt booked for this Monday to have an EEG test done to MAKE SURE I'M NOT HAVING SEIZURES.
So, the combination of baby bird and my extra-blood-pumping-heart might not be allowing enough oxygen to my brain which results in seizures.
After having an intense emotional meltdown last night with D I realized that I probably need to just calm the eff down and not get myself worked up because that can only make things worse. For now, I'm hoping for the best, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared as hell and thinking about it every second of this morning already. If (pleasepleasepleaseplease) my results come back ok, he said it's most likely just the result of my body going into overdrive in my third trimester and it should go away once I give birth.

I think this is the part where I eat my words and admit that, if scary health issues like this are now my reality, I am so ready to get this little birdie out of me as soon as she's developed and ready to vacate. 



  1. I am sure that everything will work out. Be thankful that it is something that will go away and dont stress GL!

  2. awww :( Health related stuff is like a BILLION times scarier when you are pregnant. I totally sympathize. Try to relax this weekend. Feet up and waited on hand and foot. Stupid movies on the couch and popcorn. Anything to take your mind off it till Monday.


  3. I'm sorry :( I hope everything works out all right. Hopefully your DR was right and it was just a normal side-effect of your pregnancy!

  4. thanks for the support girls xoxoxo

  5. oh man, i'm so bummed for you! i'll be sending good vibes your way.

  6. Will be thinkning about you. Hope everything turns out alright and that it is just a crazy symptom of the pregnancy. Please keep us updated

  7. Thanks Dana I'll def keep you updated