August 24, 2010


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Wow wow wee waaa! At this point I can't even remember what it was like to have a small waist. Here's hoping I can get back down to that post-baby bird!

Yesterday's appt went well.. except for the part at the end where I'm supposed to be lying still, not talking and keeping my eyes closed. Instead, the doctor asks me to open and close my eyes but he never told me he'd do that during the test and he was looking at me with a sort of worried look on his face. My reaction? Straight up anxiety attack! My mind immediately starts going places it shouldn't- something's wrong with me! he's checking to make sure I'm ok! whatever's wrong with me is happening right now! i'm gonna die! - and basically my heart started beating so fast that I couldn't breathe and had to interrupt the test. Luckily it was only the last minute of it, so he stopped it, explained to me that nothing was wrong and that it was routine to see how the patient responds to commands, then tested me for the last minute with some weird strobe light thing. He said I didn't ruin it but I still felt really bad.. and embarrassed. We're supposed to go in for the results next Monday but I'm going to call today in case they've had any cancellations and try to book an earlier appt.

Last night was the very first time I asked D to run out to the store really late to fetch me a craving! Pretty damn good if I do say so myself, I held out until month 8! Plus, I went with him so he wasn't really my errand boy anyway. What was the craving you ask? Chips Ahoy cookies with white fudge chunks! He was pretty confused when I came home and only ate one though. I just felt so bad eating sugar that late at night. Today on the other hand, I'll probably make a meal of them... 

New Papa Bird Quotes: 
"Excuse me babies.."
"Alright let's go.. bring the baby!"
"I'm gonna sleep like a insert baby bird's name here tonight"
"Don't worry, the boys said they would help me scare off suiters"
(if i'm pouting) "Ohhh don't be a insert baby bird's name here!"

Ha! there are more but unless you knew her name you wouldn't get it.
That boy of mine is silly. 
I love it.


  1. It's crazy how much one body can change in just 9 months! I'm sure you'll be back to normal{ish} in no time.
    And those Papa Bird quotes are priceless :)

  2. super crazy! just when i think my skin can't stretch out any further, it does... :o/

  3. I love his quotes! I hated when I didn't know what my doctor was doing... then I freak out... ugh. Wow, you're almost there! I can't wait!

  4. thanks Chelsey! I know I'm so paranoid about everything.. especially health stuff!
    I can't believe we only have 8 weeks left! ;o)

  5. I hate tests like that, don't tell me to relax then expect me to relax. I'm sure everything will be great, just relax and enjoy these last few weeks as a family of 2. Oh and the "Alright let's go.. bring the baby!" I thought that was classic.

  6. i know i hate tests, period! and yea D's crazy.. haha

  7. I hate the dr everytime I go and they take my blood pressure its super high because i'm scared of the dr. haha

    I just found your blog its super cute! i'm now following you!