September 30, 2010

Last Day Of September

Mama & Baby Bird: 37 weeks, 3 days

My mama's here!
We're going to be pretty busy finishing up house-related stuff and I'm officially starting my "let's get this labor started!" routine of tricks. I'm thinking tomorrow would be a cool day to have Ro... first day of October... a 10-1-10 birthday... my mama's here now... we'll see. 
I officially had the worst night of my pregnancy last night. I was having a lot of contractions, RLS, and just couldn't sleep. Even if I don't go into labor soon I know I've probably dilated more so I'm getting really anxious!!! I can't believe we're nearing the end of this journey! It's completely bonkers and I still feel like I'm dreaming.
Remember, my mom's only job when we go into labor is to take lots of pictures, some video, and she'll be updating my facebook status, so if you notice I didn't blog one day and wonder if I'm in labor, add me on facebook because the updates will be there when it all goes down! Just click that little birdie to your left. 
For my friends reading this that actually live here, same goes for you! Just check my facebook when you're wondering what's going on because I'm turning off my phone the second it all starts and won't be personally texting, calling, or updating anyone. Neither will D... we have more important things to do people!

I might have my mom log on here and update this too.. just a quick "we're in labor!" post.. but we'll see if I remember.

Hope you all have a great last day of September! 

September 29, 2010

Maternity Shoot: The Finale

There are actually a lot more photos but it would take forever to load them all and would make for a very long post-
So here are some of our favs!
Gotta end it on a good note! haha
This shoot was so much fun and I can never ever EVER gush enough about the photographer!
Thanks again Marina!

P.S. I'm going to pick up my mom in 4 hours!!!

September 28, 2010

More Nesting & Girlfesting

My mama will be here tomorrow and last night D and I finally finished the guest room! We had been using it as a storage place for all of our extra crap we didn't want to find places for.. and still didn't have a bed.. but we got our act together. Shabaaaaaaam.
My mom loves everything "Hawaii" and beachy and we're not too into that.. but that "Bikini" pin-up print (which is now on the wall) works, and that tiki man in the corner is actually one of our band awards from the Hawaii Underground Music Awards in 2006.
We tried to use stuff we already had to save some money, so we switched out the curtains from the kitchen.
My girlfriends came over and spent the entire day with me! I heart them...
We basically talked and played Scrabble the entire time..
.. oh and ate..
.. a lot..
.. Thai Iced Teas.. 
.. cutie face.. 
Ro wanted in on the girlfest, so we made sure to get her in a shot.

It was the perfect "friend day" before my mom moves in for three months and Ro moves in forever. Luckily my mom and Ro are super cool so I'm sure we'll continue to have friend time. This one was just extra uncensored..
We be trouble makersss

September 27, 2010

Tattoos, Progress & Signs

Um I'm really excited to do this already!
Mostly because I want Ro in my arms.
Kind of because I hate how bad my heartburn is at night now.
Partly because I've finally decided what tattoo I'm getting for the bird after she's born and I can't waaaaaait!

I've been thinking up ideas for a tattoo to get in honor of Ro this entire pregnancy. I was already itching for another one before I was pregs, but once you're actually pregs and can't get one you start obsessing over it! I'm glad I decided on something right before she's here so I can run out and get it the first chance I get! (I know, I know it probably won't be for a while.. but then again my mom will be staying with us for 3 months so I will have a built-in babysitter..)

Also: I'm 2cm dilated!
And I saw this right when we got home from the doctor's appt and instantly felt like it was a sign that she'd be here soon:
A tiny baby feather for a tiny baby bird..

September 26, 2010

37 Weeks

Hello full term! Yep, baby bird could be here any day now.. and that would be just fine! At 37 weeks, Ro is about 6 1/2 lbs and 21 inches long. Of course, every baby is different so she could be more or less in weight/height. Only time will tell. 
Today, D and I graduated from our Lamaze class and it was bittersweet. On one hand it was scary to think how fast the past 6 weeks had gone by and we would miss our regular Sunday baby-filled mornings and our amazing Lamaze teacher. On the other hand, we left the class as two completely different people. We feel knowledgeable, empowered, and prepared. We feel like parents. 
I can't tell you enough how much this class changed my mind and life. If we hadn't taken this class I would be a lost woman in a sea of fear and lack of power. Now, I'm going to walk through those hospital doors with confidence. I especially love how much closer D and I feel... and we haven't even experienced what we've been preparing for yet! The "teamwork" we've learned alone is worth every penny, amount of time, or effort you would ever put into a class like this and if you're pregnant and reading this.. go sign up for a class right now! I don't care how skeptical you are, how many mothers have told you that it's pointless, or where you live. I'm sure something is available to you that's worth taking. Do your research, get references, but definitely don't skip out on it all together. Knowledge is power, and you learn a lot more than just hee hee hoooo.

Dear Rowan, 
You're a highly anticipated and talked about person in this house. Actually everywhere we go. Tonight we went to a friend's birthday party and I'd say 2 1/2 out of the 3 1/2 hours we were there were spent talking about you. I can only imagine how much more we'll be talking about you once you're here but it'll be so much better because then I can look over at your sweet face at the same time. We can't wait for those moments with you.
Ma & Pop

Mama & Baby Bird: 37 weeks
J & D & R

September 25, 2010

The Night We Thought We Were Having A Baby

Last night was filled with excitement!!!
.. and for no good reason..
Yup, pregnancy's first trick was well played and me and D were total suckers. 
Around 5pm I started having contractions and after about an hour started noticing a pattern of about 20 minutes apart. I decided to bust out my "Full Term" contraction timer app on my iPhone if they seemed to get any closer. Around 6:30 I realized they were 10-15 minutes apart (but were still almost 2 mins long)... D and I decided to go out to eat (just in case GASP I was in early labor and we wanted one more delicious dinner from our favorite restaurant). By the time we sat down at the table my contractions were feeling crampy and were about 8 to 10 minutes apart (and only 1 min long). Throughout dinner they closed in at only 6-7 mins apart and were that way until we left. On the way home we started talking about how we thought this really was the beginning of labor and how this would be our last night of decent sleep, our lives were about to change, excitement lingered over our every word, we couldn't stop smiling, blah blah blah.

Then we got home.
Contractions soon lengthened out to 20 mins.. then 30 minutes.. then 40 mins apart..
We were completely deflated. I guess that's what we get for jumping the gun? It just seemed to be steadily on a path to something... 
Funny enough, I got the worst sleep (or shall I say no sleep) ever last night! I couldn't fall asleep until 11, then woke up at 2 and didn't fall back asleep until 5. Then I was in and out until 8. Oh what a night!
These were the stupid pictures that we took (and I resent) at dinner last night "in honor of going into labor." SO DUMB!
My "Oh. Oh. Could it be? My last real meal before the baby arrives? I think so. I.Think.So." face.
Stupid face.
D's "Alright there's no turning back now, let's do this." face.
Also: stupid face. 

September 24, 2010

Just For Fun

I just took this quiz for shits and giggles... 
Some of the things it says are the same as what the psychic said so I'm veeery interested to see what actually happens.

My results:

Labor Prediction Quiz

Your labor prediction quiz results are below.....

Just about the time you think you can't handle hearing one more "when is that baby going to pop?", your baby will decide to make it's appearance. We predict your baby will be born 3-7 days before its due date. Your baby will most likely be born in the morning. Justmommies predicts that your baby will weigh approximately 7.5 pounds and that your labor will be about 12 hours long.

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday I was a busy mama birdie! I was in serious nesting mode.. and was non-stop from 6:30am to 9pm. Most of the in between stuff I did was cleaning: I did all the laundry, put away laundry, dusted everything, a couple dishwasher loads, cleaned the bathrooms, and vacuumed. I also took care of some mail related business and other boring responsible adult stuff. Then I moved on to organizing, painting, and decorating...
First thing's first! Mama went and got herself an Iced Chai.. and I had to show you guys this... D snuck the car seat we got from some friends into the car. Yes, I'm officially a driver with a car seat!
We got this rug from Target the other night to try out... I love the rug but we're not sure if we have too many prints going on in the room now with the pillows and wall decals. Plus, I'm still going to paint something to hang above that couch. We have plenty of time to return it. Do you guys like it?
I put one of Ro's ultrasound pictures in this cute nightlight someone gave us at the first baby shower.
I hung lots of stuff that we've just had sitting around. It's so nice not to have bare walls anymore. This is looking at a mirror I hung and you can see one of D's old band flyers that he had framed in it's reflection.
Hung some more of D's band flyers on the wall that's in front of you when you walk in the front door.
Put up these paintings that I did a few years ago in the upstairs hallway.
Painted two coats of white onto our dining table and the first coat of paint on the chairs.
Mama & Baby Bird: 36 weeks, 5 days
Today I'll be finishing up some painting and organizing and then I have another baby doctor's appt this afternoon. My feet are killing me from yesterday already so I can only imagine how they'll feel after today. I'm definitely hittin' Daddy D up for some foot rubs tonight!
Hope you all have a great Friday! If you go out and drink have one for me!! haha