September 05, 2010

34 Weeks

8 1/2 months- what whaaaat!? This week our sweet baby doll is about 20 inches long and 5 1/2lbs. Most of her growth over the next month or so will be in weight, not height, because baby's pretty much reached the in utero limit in the height department. Isn't that crazy to think that we have 6 weeks to go but she's full length already? Yes! It is! 
I've been getting some serious heartburn (to the point of throwing up at times) at night and it's pretty much my least favorite thing about being pregnant right now. That and the fact that baby bird is so strong now it hurts when she elbows me! A LOT. It's never her kicks or punches that are painful, it's those boney little elbows gliding ferociously across my uterine wall. For about an hour of our 3 hour Lamaze class this morning I was fidgeting and changing positions trying any way I could to stop those elbows from going Chuck Norris all over my innards. She only stopped after an hour to move on to kicks and pedaling. 
The class was extra fun today because we got to go back for another tour of the labor rooms and watched a hilarious video of women giving birth from the 70's. I was very proud that D kept his eyes on that screen the entire time! I thought for sure he'd have to look away during the ::ahem:: more personal moments of the video but he was a trooper. I love having a 3 hour morning every week that's fully dedicated to the three of us and this intense event we're all about to experience together. I not only come home feeling stronger in my womanly capabilities, but also in our family's relationship. The bird hasn't even arrived yet but our bond is solid as a rock. I'm such a proud mama!

Dear Baby Bird, 
You're now super strong and I know you didn't get any sort of muscle strength from me, so that's all your pops. I don't think he minds taking credit for that kind of gene contribution, and as of now he apparently still thinks his passing on his smarts as well. Um, no. I take full responsibility for your brain and at least half your heart. Papa Bird is a sweetheart so yes, half will do. We also equally pass on any music/artistic genes you may possess. As far as looks go.. well I wouldn't really know yet since I haven't yet seen your face in person.. but I'm pretty sure since we're both of the female variety I can take claim in that arena too. I know it seems petty for us to be fighting over any sort of "credit" but hey, it keeps us young and feisty! The best part of all is the thought of all those little characteristics/quirks/traits/looks that you'll have that we see and go "she didn't get that from us!?" I love the fact that you are part us, but also part just straight YOU. A whole new beautiful mixture of a human that we can only hope is the newest more capable and kick ace hybrid of us. I can't wait to meet you and to watch you grow and develop throughout the years. I already know you're seriously going to be so much cooler than us, and you know what? I love it!
Love you oodles, 
Ma & Pop

p.s. 40 days left on the countdown...


  1. Wow only 40 days left?! So exciting! I can't wait to start taking lamaze classes...

  2. you are getting sooo clooooose!!!

  3. Congratulations! I too am almost 34 weeks, it's so nice to find someone in the blogging world that is at a similar stage! Love your blog by the way.

  4. Amy: thanks and congrats to you as well!! ;o)