September 20, 2010

Laa Tee Daa

At a local coffee shop waiting to meet with a doula. We're not hiring her for our labor/birth experience but she sometimes co-teaches our Lamaze class and offered to meet with us and share some extra info.. score! 

-woke up and had an extra long relaxing shower
-had lunch with a friend
-saw a movie with a friend (we saw Easy A and I highly recommend it) 
-felt extra exhausted for some reason
-thought I had a doctors appt, drove to hospital, I was wrong (it's next week)
-picked up baby gifts and they're so awesome!
-ordered pizza because we're too lazy to do anything else
-baby Rowan currently has the hiccups.. ❤ 



  1. Kingston and I went and saw Easy A! I loved it! She is such a good actress! Everyone in that movie was freaking hilarious!

  2. So cute! :] That sucks that you went all the way to an appointment that didn't exist. Bummer.

    Mmm.. I wanted pizza for dinner but had teriyaki instead.. maybe tomorrow.

  3. Easy A is hilarious isn't it! We saw it on the weekend too. Loved it! My sister-in-law's (to be) baby had the hiccups the whole time he was in her belly. It was quite amusing! He still gets the hiccups all the time now and he is 2.

  4. You two are so beautiful<3
    That is so wonderful that a doula offered to meet up with you for some extra information. I hope that went well. It so rare to find 'professionals' that are willing to give advice and info without asking for money. Well at least around here.

    I want to see Easy A so bad. It looks simply hilarious and I love Emma Stone. She is beautiful and her movies are great.

    Yummy pizza. I have been craving it so bad, but unfortunately its not low in carbs. Boo. I am so sick of this low carb diet. There is nothing good to eat. Hyperinsulinemia, you suck! haha. But i did sneak and get some no bake cookies. But shh!

    I'm a little rambly today, as you can tell. Maybe its the lack of sleep getting to me.
    I really hope that you and your beautiful family have a great day today! love all around!


  5. Doulas are awesome! Especially for post partum. One of my best friends is a Doula now & I always thought it would be such super awesome and rewarding work to do.

    Good job showing up early for your appt ;) Youve got mommy brain for sure, haha.

  6. Btw beautiful mama, I wanted to let you know that I added your blog to my Positively Fun Reads page on my blog. I love reading your blog! <3

  7. Sounds like a pretty sweet little day :) Except for driving to the doctor on accident! ;)
    My little guy had hiccups non-stop when I was pregnant! It was cute, but a little annoying at times too hehe :)
    Hope to see your beautiful little one soon!
    xo, Jamie

  8. Thanks for the movie tip. Just saved "Easy A" on Netflix. The whole pizza thing made me laugh because we had pizza sooooooooooo much when I was preggo with my first. I was always too tired to cook. And Hubby only make scrambled eggs. :)

  9. Shawntae: Oh yea Easy A was super amazing and I will definitely own it once it comes out on DVD!

    Janet: We are a household of some pretty serious pizza lovers! Ninja Turtles ain't got nothin on us ;o)

    Kat: I love when Ro has hiccups, I think it's so cute!

    Posidanielle: Go see Easy A asap! and thanks for adding us to your list<3

    Becky: Yea tell me about it! I def have mommy brain 'cause I've been doing a lot of silly things lately.. haha

    Jaime: Haha yea they were going to try to fit me in anyway cause they felt bad but the hospital is actually no more than 10 min away so it wasn't that big of a deal driving over.. more embarrassing than anything!

    Bevin: Thank you doll!

  10. What I Did Today: haha I hear ya! D can actually cook some pretty delicious dinners.. but like I said, we were both to lazy and tired to do anything ourselves haha ;o)

  11. This is by far the best picture of D i have ever seen. You got a hunk a mom agrees. Love you haha <3

    i hope i look this good when im pregnant, your beautiful jess


  12. Tina: bwahahahahaha! So THAT'S why your mom wants to move in next door.... ;o)