September 16, 2010

Baby Ro!

Wearing the locket I bought in honor of the birdie awhile back but wouldn't show you the initial at the time...

So here we are, almost 36 weeks in and we've finally spilled the beans on the bird's name. It feels... 
like a relief.
We're really happy with our decision to just tell you guys already and we appreciate all the sweet comments! I worked really hard to try and come up with something unique to use as the announcement and I couldn't love how it turned out more. I can't wait until our baby birdie Rowan is old enough to watch it. Speaking of Ro- it's so awesome to finally be able to write her name! You have no idea how many posts I've written with her name in them and luckily caught it before I clicked "publish!" No more censorship for this mama!

Today is also special because if you look to your left.. yes.. that purple box.. the one that says "Countdown To Baby"... yea um it says only 29 days left. We've got less than a month to go now. WOAH. 
I have another doctor's appt this afternoon and I'm going to fill her in on the status of my contractions lately. I've been getting BH contractions a lot and throughout the day and they've even hurt (feel like period cramps) for a couple of days so although I know I'm not in labor I think I should at least mention this to her.
Otherwise I'll be spending my day choosing/ordering prints to put in the frames on our picture wall and I'm going to try out a dessert recipe I got from my sister-in-law. Wish me luck! I haven't been much of a cook/baker since I got pregnant so I'm a little off my game.

Happy Thursdayyyyy ❤


  1. Just watched the video... obsessed with the name!!! And you're so talented with the video! I'm trying to bite my tongue for two more months to keep our little girl's name a secret. It's so hard keeping it from my mom. But my husband and I promised--so I'm keeping to it! HA! I have written and deleted it in my posts so many times, too. I think Rowan is such a unique, but beautiful name and will feel your family perfectly! I love the necklace, too. I told my hubby he has to get me a necklace with her name on it :)

  2. Katie: thanks! I know, it's so hard not to tell! We were SO close to making it to her b-day but certain circumstances lead us to the decision to share it! We really are happy that we did.. but it's not for everyone and I completely understand you guys sticking it out until your little one is born. Now I can be all excited to hear your baby name when the time comes! ;o)

  3. This is the best part of pregnancy! You wait and wait and WAIT for the end and then suddenly its here and it is flying past!
    Im so excited for you! You make me miss this part, and my youngest is only 10 months!

    Can't wait to meet Rowan. She's going to be the most beautiful lil' thing =)

  4. What a totally gorgeous picture of you... One month - how exciting!!


    All this is Grace and Charm

  5. Becky: oh I know! It's seriously bittersweet.. I'm so excited to meet little Ro but also don't want the pregnancy to end! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments throughout this pregnancy.. seriously, girl's like you and all the blogger ladies here are hard to come by and I appreciate all of your support and encouragement so much! I wish we all lived in the same area! XOXO

    Carly Anne: thank you! I'll definitely be visiting your blog deary! ;o)

  6. :D
    How very, very exciting!
    I'm a huge fan of that picture of you! So precious!

    Yay for baking! I love baking. Especially deserts.

  7. how fun, i have a rowan too...we call her ro for short or she has affectionately nicknamed herself ro-ro. she is almost three now :)


  8. Nynga: thanks! and yep... desserts are the best!

    Melissa D.: well i must say.. you have excellent taste in baby names! ;o)

  9. I love that locket! :) Good luck with the dessert!

  10. Yeah, it would be best to just mention it to your OB. I know the same thing was happening to me at 34 weeks and they started checking me for dilation early because of it. Although I didn't start dilating for another week, its better to be safe than sorry I guess.

    Good luck with the last month. Wow it was killer for me, especially once I hit week 38. Wow, I was constantly in pain down there. My hips and pelvis just felt like they were breaking. Not to scare you or anything, but trust me the last weeks aren't really the *funnest* part of pregnancy. You're almost there though! I'm excited for you. :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  11. Janet: thanks, i'm gonna need it! haha

    Kat: thank you darlin!

    Jazmyn: thanks and oh my! yes.. i'm sure i'm about to get WAY more uncomfortable in the near future... i wonder if my doc will check if i'm dilated today? crazy!

  12. Hooray! I can't wait to see her cute little face! I love her name too. So different and Unique. :)

  13. Shawntae: thanks! man i can't wait to see her face either! this is such a strange time.. always wondering what she'll look like and then very soon BAM! in an instant we'll know...

  14. Man, must feel so nice KNOWING her name before she's born! If we have another, I'm going to make sure we decide on a name before baby is born.

    can't believe how close you are! So much fun reading your blog and waitig to meet your little Ro!

  15. Lori: when did you guys decide on the name when Brooke was born? the day of? or did it take a few days after she was born?

  16. I know I say this all the time, but I am so excited for you! You'd think I'd get tired of mom's-to-be and babies since I work on a Birthing floor, but nope.(I just get tired of the mom's that come in seeking perscriptions or mom's that come back with positive drug screens.) Everytime, I read your blog I feel that baby fever coming on and then I need to take a step back and look at my beautiful little terror and reevaluate. haha.

    I was 36 weeks when I had miss Evangelina and it was a funny story. My hubs and I was at our Dr's office for our check up and it was finally our turn to head back. So we went to the little office and stood around waiting for the Dr while the hubs lounged in the chair. Then my extremely tall Dr came in and told me to hop up on the table and when I did, I had this huge gush of fluid..My face immediately got red and I said, "Doc..umm...either I peed myself or my water just broke." So he told me to get down and stand up. And when I did it was like a waterfall! (Talk about embarrassing.) He said, "Nope that's definitely your water. I guess the little one will be coming today." So he had the nurse give me some towels to kind of wear as a diaper and I waddled out of the office, got in the car, and the hubs sped over to the hospital. (Soooooo embarrassing!) haha.
    Its pretty much one of my fondest memories, though.

    anyway, I hope that your doctor's appointment doesn't result in something like that.

    And you are so gorgeous in the picture! Love it!

    Btw, sorry for rambling, I just got off work and its 1am and I'm at that slap happy-ramblie stage.

  17. Ok. Ok. Ok. I've beeen M.I.A. in the blogger world and I just about HIT THE FAN when I saw I missed the "announcement"

    1. I love that name. I have never heard of it before!!!! It's adorable!!!

    2. I love your necklace!!!!!!!!! I wore my wedding rings around my neck on a chain due to my SWELLING SELF with Tristan. :)

    3. Yep! Adorable name. Can't wait to hear the WHOLE name and see her cute face!!! :)


  18. I think my due date is one day ahead of yours! I really enjoy reading your blog and see the anticipation build for you too. It feels like Christmas,doesn't it? Thanks for sharing all your planning!

  19. OMG how exciting better start saving Up for Ballet or what ever sports or activities she will be in! Ugh My brother is beyond spoiled.. Onli Sports i did were in school and they better not cost too much lol! and thats onli for this team "theyre the best of the best" according to him hes also playing on one other! and No sir he doesnt want a Used car for his first car he wants a Camero [SP??] Yup Im like I got a 93 toyota and this was in 06 lol! good Luck with the LO... I Catch myself Typing LO's name too i dont like Using Names too Often because of google I have a few CREEPERS and well Doesnt bother me that they find me [Which she does] but I dont wanna Make it easy when shes looking plus LO and Mr. is shorter haha Thanks for stopping By Babe

  20. Posidanielle: haha girl you crack me up! I always love your comments and never apologize for the long ones.. those are the best!
    a lot of ppl keeo telling me they had their babies at 36 weeks so i'm getting super anxious now!! your birth story is hilarious and thank you so much for sharing and for the sweet words. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    Beka: thank you thank you thank you darlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Molly: awesome are you due Oct 15th? I'm due the 16th.. thanks for reading and congrats to you and your little bun in the oven as well! ;o)

  21. Ladii Aponte: yep, better start saving now!!! haha

  22. what an adorable name and coming from a first grade teacher. THANK YOU for spelling it phonetically too, she will love you for that! And her teachers will too :)

  23. Happy Owl Erin: Thank you! I agree.. a lot of people are spelling it "Rowen" and I don't even like how that looks!