September 30, 2010

Last Day Of September

Mama & Baby Bird: 37 weeks, 3 days

My mama's here!
We're going to be pretty busy finishing up house-related stuff and I'm officially starting my "let's get this labor started!" routine of tricks. I'm thinking tomorrow would be a cool day to have Ro... first day of October... a 10-1-10 birthday... my mama's here now... we'll see. 
I officially had the worst night of my pregnancy last night. I was having a lot of contractions, RLS, and just couldn't sleep. Even if I don't go into labor soon I know I've probably dilated more so I'm getting really anxious!!! I can't believe we're nearing the end of this journey! It's completely bonkers and I still feel like I'm dreaming.
Remember, my mom's only job when we go into labor is to take lots of pictures, some video, and she'll be updating my facebook status, so if you notice I didn't blog one day and wonder if I'm in labor, add me on facebook because the updates will be there when it all goes down! Just click that little birdie to your left. 
For my friends reading this that actually live here, same goes for you! Just check my facebook when you're wondering what's going on because I'm turning off my phone the second it all starts and won't be personally texting, calling, or updating anyone. Neither will D... we have more important things to do people!

I might have my mom log on here and update this too.. just a quick "we're in labor!" post.. but we'll see if I remember.

Hope you all have a great last day of September! 


  1. How exciting!
    Tomorrow would be a perfect day...we will see!

  2. Oh man, you look so pretty in this picture! Hope you're further along than you think! I know the last couple of weeks DRAAAAAAG on, though I delivered at 38 weeks. I can't imagine having going on much longer. :(

    Wishing you lots of labor vibes! That is, only if miss Ro is ready to make her entrance of course.

  3. i hope ro comes on wyatt's birthday! that'd be awesome! i would never forget it.

  4. im getting so excited for you! i remember those last few days before corbin came though and they were the toughest. you are so uncomfortable and just want to meet your baby and at the same time its totally scary because your whole life will change the second they arrive!
    im happy to know your mom will be there to take lots of pictures! and VIDEO! i wish i had more video of the experience. ok, i really wish the whole things was on video.
    yay! ro is on her way!!!

  5. Congrats! I know the anticipation is probably killing you but savor every moment. I miss being pregnant SO much. It's such an incredibly special time and you'll want to remember these days down to every little detail. Take tons of belly shots and videos, journal, and hold on to every minute! She'll be here before you know it!

  6. Jamie: let's hope so!

    Lori: thank you!! yes keep the vibes comin!! ;o)

    Jess: that would be awesome ;o)

    Jill: thanks! i'm so happy my mom is here too.. otherwise we'd probably have almost no pictures because derek's gonna be right by my side the entire time. hopefully we'll be able to take those pictures SOON! ;o)

    Blondie Mommie: i know i'm getting ahead of myself... you're totally right cause i already know how much i'll miss being pregnant too ;o)

  7. video killed the radio star.
    <3 the picture tho....
    & keep an eye out for fedex!

  8. very excited for you.

    I was ordering pics for a client today and saw a picture of you. I guess you photog gets prints from a few of the same labs that I do....I was looking at album binding samples and saw a pic thumbnail and thought.... "hey, I know that girl"

  9. I am so excited for you! Its so great that your mama is there and she gets to be with you during this wonderful experience! It was my wish that my mom was there with me during my daughters birth, but Evangelina had different plans. haha.
    Hubby might be great at holding your hand and telling you to breathe, but mama knows best and will be ready to break into action when needed. Well, at least that's how I felt about my mama. I ended up getting so annoyed at my hubby because he had no idea how much my body was going through and how anxious I was. But one call to my mama made a huge difference. haha.

    RLS is the worse!!!! I still have it and it drives me insane. I hope that it passes with the birth of your little bird.

    I think it is wonderful that you are keeping the phones off. There is nothing worse than going into a laboring mom's room and trying to help her through labor and even after and all they are doing is playing with their cell phones. But I am just biased haha.

    Get some rest mama and there are plenty of techniques to try to induce labor. Good luck with the bag of tricks! <3

  10. p.s. after labor please do not ask the nurses for a raw potato. its weird. haha

    ...we had an weirdo mama ask us for a raw potato and when asked why she wanted a raw potato she said that it is full of starch. so she was given a raw potato and when the nurse came back in a few moments later to do an assessment, the potato was gone. (hint: it went to a place that needs firming after delivery.)

    pretty gross, right. I have no clue where she got her bag of tricks from, but I hope that you found better tricks than raw veggies.


  11. Laura: haha well I'm not exactly sure what you mean with the song quote but if you think I'm gonna post a video of the baby's head crowning.... no way jose! haha ;o) i probably won't put any of the video on here... maybe.. we'll see..

    Hunt Fam: Awesome! haha yea I think she orders prints and books of her work for conventions and such so it was probably for that. ;o)

    Posidanielle: hahaha you come home from work with the greatest stories! you're job is probably super awesome! ;o)