September 17, 2010

Lots Of Exciting Things Are Happening

Yesterday my doctor basically told me "get ready for labor 'cause this is goin down ANY day now!" She also said that she ran our little situation(the umbilical cord being wrapped around Ro's neck) across a couple of other doctors and they all said as long as the kick counts have been good (which they have) there's no imminent cause for concern but in labor, if there are any signs that Ro's in distress we're planning for a c-section. I'm telling you... the psychic was right... DANG! I'm also at the point now where I have an appt every week instead of every two weeks!

Early this morning, my friend Cheri had her baby Ethan! Congrats to the happy family! She was only 16 days ahead of me in her pregnancy and she wasn't due until Sept. 30th but went in to labor on the 16th! I've always had a feeling Rowan would make her debut early, so now I'm seriously on edge. This COULD happen tomorrow! Or next week! Or only 2 days before my due date! Either way, it's all in nature's hands and I'm a sitting duck! This anticipation is gonna kill me. 

I was recently lucky enough to win a giveaway over at Jamie's adorable blog and just got everything in the mail! Had to share:
A Golden Book, 3 vintage stationary fold-up cards, a 100% recycled owl journal, floral notepad, mod apple pen, 4 mod fruit stickers, handmade (by Jamie) strawberry brooch, flower brooch, and fall leaf earrings! I'm actually wearing the strawberry brooch on my cardigan today! It's so cute..
Thank you so much Jamie!
Baby Rowan says thank you too!


  1. I'm glad that the little bird is in no imminent danger! That's a good sign. I'm definitely praying that the cord stays clear of her neck and body!

    What cute gifts!!! She is so talented! I am definitely going to stop by her blog.

    Take care beautiful! I'll be thinking about you and the little bird!

  2. ah thats such a cute giveaway to win! and i like your outfit :] i bet youre so excited that you could deliver early..the last 2 or 3 weeks of my pregnancy i was like 2cm dilated and the baby was at 0 station, the doctor could FEEL HER HEAD when she checked me. how freaking wild is that?! i totally thought she'd come fairly early but ended up only being 2 days early..better than late though!

  3. ahh soo exciting! It seriously could happen anyday! Be soo excited because its the best thing ever.

    Kingstons cord was wrapped around his neck twice but I still had him without c-section! Good luck Good luck! I can't wait for you!! :)

  4. Crossing my fingers for a safe and soon delivery for you!
    My little girl came on her due date, and I couldn't have waited any longer!!!

  5. Posidanielle: thank you! yea.. it makes me so sad every time i look at the last ultrasound pictures and see that cord all up in her grill!

    Alissa: :o) Jamie's so talented and sweet! you should check out her blog, i'm sure she'll have another giveaway! and thanks for the compliment on my outfit! ;o) man.. i'm surprised you didn't go into labor sooner.. but 2 days early is still early!

    Shawntae: Oh I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I know that babies are born vaginally with the cord wrapped around their neck all the time.. hopefully everything plays out smoothly for us! thanks for the support girl!

    CourtneyKeb: thank you!! that's neat that she actually came ON her due date!! :o)

  6. Wow, I just went to go read the psychic post. Crazy! I don't know if I'd have the strength to do that lol Glad the doctors are assured everything is okay. And I can't believe it's any day now. How exciting! :) :) Can't wait to see if the psychic was right, too!

  7. i have this feeling that you're going to go in early! i don't know why... maybe it's wishful thinking? i feel like i'm sick of you being pregnant already and i'm ready to see some hoeft baby cuteness.

  8. I went back and read your post about what the psychic told you....i am most def going to see one now after reading your experience with her! That's so awesome!

    Glad to hear Rowan is doing well (even with the umbilical cord issue)!

  9. Katie: Yea, I felt comfortable going to her because I had been to her before and she's totally legit! I can't wait to see if she's right about everything either!

    Jess: haha yea I think I'm finally to the point where I'm like "OK, LET'S DO THIS ALREADY!".. I'm still pretty comfortable as far as the pregnancy goes.. I'm just so excited to meet her now!

    Joan: you def should go! except make sure you find someone with great references and isn't all hokey pokey and cheap.. i wouldn't want your experience to be a lousy one! ;o)

  10. fist pumpage to the extreme! haha

  11. Nynga: Bwahahaha! I just had a vision of you doing that to techno music at the end of the bed while I'm in labor.. what aa awesome distraction that would be! maybe you should fly out for it? haha

  12. Haha! Oh my gosh, that would rule. Maybe we could have disco lights & everything.

  13. Nynga: i might have to draw the line there! i don't want to have a seizure during labor! haha

  14. Aww, i'm so happy you like everything!
    The little strawberry looks adorable on you :)
    I hope you can read the book to your little one someday... :)
    And happy news that you & baby are doing well, yay for "any day now"!
    xo, Jamie

  15. I bet you are so excited! That is great news that baby is doing good! Keep us updated!

  16. Jamie: yes thank you so much, i love it all! and i will definitely be reading the book to Ro ;o)

    Mandy: thanks, i will of course!

  17. so excited for you! can't belive it can be any day now and can't wait to read that your little one has arrived!

  18. thanks Dana i can't wait either! ;o)