September 03, 2010

Workin Hard For The Scrilla

Mama & Baby Bird: 33 weeks, 5 days
Yesterday's doctor appt went well.. especially because I got the nice surprise of seeing the bird again! Bada bing! She's such a dollface and I pretty much wish I could bring that damn ultrasound machine home with me so I can stare at her whenever I want! I already stalk the 4D ultrasound pictures we just got..

Speaking of those pictures- I showed them to my doc and she basically said that the cord does seem to be wrapped around her neck but there's nothing we can do about it now.::tear:: I just have to continue doing my kick counts and be very aware of her movements. As of right now baby girl is totally fine, her heartbeat was excellent, and we even saw her breathing normally and making smiley faces. I'm just sad D missed it, but he was too busy being a good papa and workin hard for the scrillaaaaaa!

Speaking of Papa- this is what 13 hour days do to you...
Poor thing! Seems like he's either working, eating(finally) or sleeping. He tries so hard to stay up for quality time with me and the bird on the weeknights, but those heavy eyes drop uncontrollably. THIS is why he gets a 4-day weekend every other week. I also just realized that it's Labor Day weekend so he actually gets 3 days off this weekend as well. He deserves it! He takes such good care of his girls and we couldn't love him more.

Tomorrow is baby shower #2. We have some things to do early in the morning to help the host out. This is the big shower(I seriously don't even know how many people were even invited) and she's handling it all by herself! So, we offered to help pay for some things because that's just too much money for her to spend. I'm excited for D because all his boys will be at this shower.. unlike the extra girly girl stereotypical baby shower last week.. so he can have some man time with them around the grill while us gals gush about baby stuff. Here's hoping nobody yells out our frickin baby name this time. haha

Happy Friday!


  1. I totally know what you mean about wanting to have a ultrasound machine at home. There is nothing like seeing your baby!

    Have fun at your next baby shower!

    p.s. I mentioned your blog on my blog! : )

  2. thank you! :] yeah shes such a great baby..its so're going to love it! & you're blog is just soo fun to read! glad i found it!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment! :) Always coming by your blog to see what your baby is up to! :) Can't wait for her to be here and can't wait to hear her name! OO, but wait! Are you going to announce her name on blogger?
    I SURE HOPE SO!!! :)

    Lookin SUPPPAAA cute.. as your normally are! :)

    Thanks for sharing! :)


  4. Mandy: !so sweet of you! i'll definitely check it out.. and yes we MUST find a way to see our sweet little babes even at home!

    Jackie: no problem ;o) she really is adorable and thanks for the sweet words XOXO you're welcome! and yes we will definitely be announcing here on blogger! derek will hopefully be updating my facebook status occasionally while in labor... but he's also my partner/coach in that so it'll have to fit in between contractions haha! but we'll try to post stuff here too throughout and then ultimately have the big announcement with stats/pics/the name announcement video i made awhile back...

  5. I am so happy to hear that the doctor's appointment went well!
    And you have such a great man! Its wonderful when you have a man that knows how to take care of his women! My hubs is like that too. I feel awful for the women that don't have someone like that.
    Have fun at the baby shower! Its so nice that your hubby gets to have his boys around! I can't wait to see all the gifts that you received!

  6. Posidanielle: Thanks! and yes, we're pretty lucky gals! ;o)

  7. please please PLEASE make sure you are crazy monitoring those kicks and please please PLEASE rush to the hospital at the first even SUSPICION of a slowing of movements. even if you are the crazy lady that turns up there every day!!! it is totally worth it. i cannot stress this enough! i don't know how i would live with myself if i didn't stress the importance of this to you, and then, god forbid, anything happened. i lost my baby girl to cord accident (around the neck) at full term and i had to toss up whether to even write this to you or not because i do not want to stress of frighten you but also how could i possibly go on with my day having not made sure you are really seriously counting those kicks!!! oh my heart dropped when i read those words in your post. i love reading your blog so much! (you are the exact same weeks pregnant as i am currently with my second attempt at baby making) i just want the very best outcome for you and your beautiful family!!!! aggghhhh so stressful writing this, i hope i haven't upset you but COUNT THOSE KICKS! can you get another ultrasound, say in a week to see if it has moved off?? much love to you and yours :)

  8. Lulu: when i read your comment i started tearing up! i'm SOSOSO sorry for your loss. :o(
    as far as your trying to decide whether or not to post the comment.. honey i totally understand! if i were you i'd want to stress the importance of something i knew first hand too. thank you and don't worry.. i was already doing SERIOUS kick counts and paying extra attention to her before i even showed the doc the pictures, because i just knew the cord was wrapped around her. congrats on your pregnancy and i think it's swell that we're on the same track! we'll have our babies in no time! ;o) XOXO

  9. in my thoughts and prayers and wishing the best for your little those kick counts!

  10. you're a legend :) i know all about you but my blog is quite anonymous really. here you can take a look and see i really am a real person! ah the inkernet. it can be strange iykwim <3

  11. Dana: thank you mama! I LOVE your little Aydan! sorry i probably would've posted a million more comments on your blog but i have only had time to do a post and have some SERIOUS catching up to do on all of your blogs!

    Lulu: haha I may be many things but a legend i am not! ;o) thanks for the facebook link.. always nice to make new friendXOXO