September 28, 2010

More Nesting & Girlfesting

My mama will be here tomorrow and last night D and I finally finished the guest room! We had been using it as a storage place for all of our extra crap we didn't want to find places for.. and still didn't have a bed.. but we got our act together. Shabaaaaaaam.
My mom loves everything "Hawaii" and beachy and we're not too into that.. but that "Bikini" pin-up print (which is now on the wall) works, and that tiki man in the corner is actually one of our band awards from the Hawaii Underground Music Awards in 2006.
We tried to use stuff we already had to save some money, so we switched out the curtains from the kitchen.
My girlfriends came over and spent the entire day with me! I heart them...
We basically talked and played Scrabble the entire time..
.. oh and ate..
.. a lot..
.. Thai Iced Teas.. 
.. cutie face.. 
Ro wanted in on the girlfest, so we made sure to get her in a shot.

It was the perfect "friend day" before my mom moves in for three months and Ro moves in forever. Luckily my mom and Ro are super cool so I'm sure we'll continue to have friend time. This one was just extra uncensored..
We be trouble makersss


  1. Oooooh, girls day is the best. Love 'em! :)
    Looks like you all had fun.
    Food & Scrabble?!!1&#@^! RULE.

    YAAAAAAAAY for Rowan & your mama's arrival.

  2. Wow, your guest room is gorgeous!! Haha I wish our room looked as good as this!

    Little Sugar Monster

  3. hahahhahaha! love this.
    (and, of course, i have the very same curtains in my den. too funny.)

    lookin' good and gettin' close....!

  4. PS ridiculously awesome too that your mom will be there to help ya for 3 months. if you gotta minute, check out:

    (make your own village)

    and keep an eye on the mail...!

  5. Aw looks like you had a bunch of fun! I love girl friend time! Its so much fun just to let loose and enjoy yourself.
    Your guest room looks wonderful, so nice and cozy! So I've got a place to stay if I am ever in Hawaii? haha just kidding, friend.

    I hope your mama has a safe trip! its so exciting!

    Take care beautiful mama bird!

  6. Have fun with your mama! I leaned on my mom SO hard after Jackson was born until I finally got the hang of everything. It's going to be perfect that she's staying with you for 3 months!

  7. The bedroom looks great. I like that leaf thing on the wall. :-)

    I am Fickle Cattle.

  8. Where did you get that giant feather?!!

  9. Nynga: Yep... food and Scrabble... I actually suck at Scrabble.. I'm a champion "foodie" however.. haha

    Jazmyn: awe thank you! we have it "finished" as far as it being ready for my mama but we'll definitely try to spruce it up a little bit more over time.. ;o)

    Laura: great minds think alike!!!!! <3 oh and i went to the link and it said that the page doesn't exist anymore?

    Posidanielle: Yes you do have a place to stay! Come visit!!! :o)

    Blondie Mommie: I know I'm really lucky and happy that she can come out for so long! The help will be awesome and plus... I just plain missed my mama!!! It'll be so great having her here.. :o)

    Fickle Cattle: Thanks!!! Yea the feather is the shiznit!

    Soda Pup: I actually got it from Ross a few years ago!

  10. I LOVE the way you designed your guest room.

  11. DaisyJo: thank you! we were trying to mix my moms style and ours.. and with stuff that we already had to save money... it's still a little bare but it's cozy enough for now! glad you like it! XOXO

  12. That guest room looks fabulous! :)
    And that food looks DELICIOUS.
    I'm sure a fun time was had by all.

  13. Your guestroom looks great! We're not beachy/Hawaii people either...

    Anyway, when is Ro making her debut?!

  14. Jess: thank you!! and the food was delicious(it was Thai).. ;o)

    Lori: thanks doll!!!! and I wish i knew!!!!! ;o) i really think soon though..