September 25, 2010

The Night We Thought We Were Having A Baby

Last night was filled with excitement!!!
.. and for no good reason..
Yup, pregnancy's first trick was well played and me and D were total suckers. 
Around 5pm I started having contractions and after about an hour started noticing a pattern of about 20 minutes apart. I decided to bust out my "Full Term" contraction timer app on my iPhone if they seemed to get any closer. Around 6:30 I realized they were 10-15 minutes apart (but were still almost 2 mins long)... D and I decided to go out to eat (just in case GASP I was in early labor and we wanted one more delicious dinner from our favorite restaurant). By the time we sat down at the table my contractions were feeling crampy and were about 8 to 10 minutes apart (and only 1 min long). Throughout dinner they closed in at only 6-7 mins apart and were that way until we left. On the way home we started talking about how we thought this really was the beginning of labor and how this would be our last night of decent sleep, our lives were about to change, excitement lingered over our every word, we couldn't stop smiling, blah blah blah.

Then we got home.
Contractions soon lengthened out to 20 mins.. then 30 minutes.. then 40 mins apart..
We were completely deflated. I guess that's what we get for jumping the gun? It just seemed to be steadily on a path to something... 
Funny enough, I got the worst sleep (or shall I say no sleep) ever last night! I couldn't fall asleep until 11, then woke up at 2 and didn't fall back asleep until 5. Then I was in and out until 8. Oh what a night!
These were the stupid pictures that we took (and I resent) at dinner last night "in honor of going into labor." SO DUMB!
My "Oh. Oh. Could it be? My last real meal before the baby arrives? I think so. I.Think.So." face.
Stupid face.
D's "Alright there's no turning back now, let's do this." face.
Also: stupid face. 


  1. Don't worry, I had like 3 labor scares when I was pregnant lol. Before I had her mine were 10 min apart for a while day and really strong. I went to L&D 3 times within 24 hours and the last time I went one of the nurses took 1 look at me and was like, oh you're not leaving this time until you have that baby lol.

    I was in early labor for a day and I was dying haha! The first time they just sent me home, the 2nd time they said I could stay and walk around to see if the contractions pick up or I can go home and they'd give me a sleeping pill. I took 2 sleeping pills before I left the hospital (which was at like 6am) I slept for like 2 or 3 hours and I woke up in EXCRUCIATING pain and I was back at the hospital at 11am haha.

    You don't have much longer though so maybe your body is starting to prepare itself. Good luck! :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. Aw, dang. Such a bummer.

    I bet it'll happen for real next time.

  3. oh man that sucks! but you know, i bet they were getting closer together because you weren't relaxing at home. my doc said that if i ever felt crampy like that, to just lie down. so i bet it was just getting worse because you were up and about. but that's okay. it's not like you're going to be pregnant forever! i bet you'll have her any day now.

  4. Jazmyn: thanks! i hope it's preparing because something's gonna happen soon! ;o)

    Nynga: hope so ;o)

    Jess: yea that might've been it.. i dunno. i know i won't have much longer even if she doesn't come until around her due date but now all i can think about is her coming early and i have my hopes up.. oh well.

  5. Aww, haha. You are so adorable. Dont feel dumb. It happens to nearly all of us!

  6. Ah, man! But at least you know baby is coming soon!

  7. that sucks! hopefully next time is the real deal...I am so excited for you

  8. oh man i totally sounds like you were going into labor! if this is too personal feel free to not answer but, have you lost your mucus plug yet? some people dont lose it, or dont notice it at all but i lost mine probably like...4 days before i had her? it came out over a 2 day span. they say when that happens youre probably close.

  9. Honestly, I think every woman does this. I went to the hospital like three times with both pregnancies before they decided to admit me. Its one of the worst feelings getting sent home after thinking that you're going to be leaving with a baby. So just be thankful that you didn't actually go to the hospital to get sent home. =D
    Just wait, lol, you will totally laugh at this experience once she actually is here.

  10. And at least you got a good meal out of the experience. =D

  11. Oh don't feel too bad. I'm sure it happens all the time!

  12. Haha thanks girls! I still feel kinda dumb but it's whatever.. :o)

    Alissa: no I haven't lost "my plug" yet haha.. And it's not too personal.. I'll probably blog about it once i do lose it.

  13. Aw beautiful Jessica, don't feel dumb! It happens to the best of us. And those are definitely not stupid faces being made those are adorable faces! You are doing great, at least you aren't going to the hospital every time the baby kicks too hard or when you accidentally pee yourself after a sneeze. (These people think that they are contracting or that their water broke.) We have so many people that continuously come in for these reasons. I absolutely love reading some of our ER triage reports. One actually said..."Patient says that her dog ate her mucus plug."
    I don't think I would have admitted to that...and I'm not sure how the dog got to the mucus plug, but who knows with some people.

    Mama bird, you are amazing and you are going to be a great mama! I hope you are having a great day.

  14. LOL

    Once on cafemom, someone posted a pic of her plug so people would stop asking what it will look like. HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA

  15. Posidanielle: oh my!! Haahaaha how the heck did THAT happen! I told my Lamaze teacher she got a big kick outta that

    Becky: niiiiice.. I'd probably put up a picture too haha

  16. Oh that's a bummer. But I am sure you are not the first women to have this happen to her. It's just the excitement of having your first baby and wanting her to come as soon as possible so you can meet her. She'll be here soon!

  17. Just think of this as a trial run :) These last few days/weeks of waiting can be tough. Everyone says you'll KNOW when you're actually in labour. Not sure if that's true for everyone...I think I was in denial for the first 12 hours! Try and enjoy this time (so cliche, but so true!)

  18. Kat: Thanks, yea I'm pretty sure we're not the first but we still felt bummed... soon enough though! ;o)

    Randalin: I know, you're right! We're only at 37 weeks anyway and we should just soak in these last days/weeks of it just being the two of us.. ;o)