September 18, 2010

Saturday Nesting

This morning D had a class for work so I got ready for the day to the sounds of Mates of State and Tokyo Police Club, then headed out to grab an iced chai..
Starbucks loves me.
Then decided to start hanging a few things and decorating a bit. I dug out these letters we had in the old apartment and finally put them above our headboard.

Once D got home we put up our new wall decals. I love them.
We had a few left over and thought we could put them in the opposite corner of the room but only taped them up for now to see how they feel. Do you guys think we should put them up there??(We're going to move this rug into the guest room once we find the perfect one to replace it. I'm also going to paint something to go on that wall above the couch.)

I started getting grumpy because I was hot and hungry so we got some Thai take out. All my troubles melted away.. Thai Iced Teas are heaven sent.
Baby Ro Bird: 35 weeks, 6 days

P.S. I'm not into the whole twitter thing, but for those of you that want updates as we're in labor- add me on facebook! Don't be shy! Just click on that little birdie to your left. And in case you're confused "Veronica Daylight" is my band name... so yes that is my FB page. xoxo


  1. your place is super cute. when i was pregnant, the only time my crazy pregnant lady hormones were undeniably legit, was when i was hungry. like seriously, don't mess with me legit. adding you on facebook, yay!

  2. Your house looks lovely! I am constantly redecorating and adding new things. Its so much fun!

    I will definitely add you pretty mama!
    Have a good night!

  3. Thanks Allie! and yea SERIOUSLY don't mess with a hungry pregnant gal! At one point I said to D "I'm going upstairs to hang something, are you coming?" and he just said "babe, I'm not gonna lie I'm scared of you right now." HAHA

  4. Posidanielle: why thank you loverrrrr.. we're still deep in the process and nowhere near where we want the house to be but making a little progress! see you on facebook! <3

  5. I think the decals look great in the corner there. I would definately keep them if I were you.

  6. Kat: :o) yea we're gonna give it a few days and feel it out.. we like them, we just don't want the walls to get too cluttered.

  7. Ahhh! Love your adorable house! The furniture is fabulous! I wish I was as creative as you! My house is sooo generic! Love the decals in the living room and totally think you should keep them!

  8. Did they write your name on the cup? haha I usually get mine on the sticker thingy.

    I like the decals in the corner. Added you on facebook...but I'm sure you know that by now. haha

    I love that couch. It's all vintage looking. :)

  9. I love that rug!

    And I added you on FB :)

  10. Blondie Mommie: thanks! i've really been struggling with the whole "brown and gold" look of it.. that's why we're changing out the rug.. i need more contrasting colors!! but thank you ;o)

    Nynga: yea they wrote on my cup <3 i actually used to work at that starbucks so it was one of my old coworkers that wrote it ;o) glad you like the couch! it was a salvation army score... it's a sectional and obviously part of the other couch there but we split them up cause its SUPER long put together.

    Dana: thanks! i think the rug is cool too but not with the gold couches.. it matches the guest room really well though! ;o)

    Jamie: thanks! i got them on sale from!

  11. um so I gotta say I love your entertainment center!!! I've been trying to find one just like that. I love it!

  12. Soda Pup: thanks! salvation army!

  13. You've got a fantastic Mid-Century Modern vibe going! So fabulous. I dig the letters above the headboard idea...may have to snag that one.


    All this is Grace and Charm

  14. Carly Anne: Thank you, we are definitely going midmod this time around for the downstairs rooms. ;o) and snag away my dear! the letters look super cute! (and we put our initials according to which is "our side of the bed" haha)

  15. gotta love Salvation Army...
    I just read your "initials" idea comment! that is so cute! I wish my husband liked working with letters..I always want to bring letters into my decorating and he always says no...I don't know what his deal is.

  16. Soda Pup: Hmm yea I wonder why he doesn't like initials? Well it's mostly me that's obsessed with everything initialed/monogrammed.. and luckily D doesn't mind one way or another. I'm sure you could convince him if you just "happened" to incorporate them into something and then he could see how awesome it is! haha