September 01, 2010

The Very Last Month

Hello to September...
Hello to the very last month that it will be just me and D...
Hello to savoring every moment even more than we already do...
Hello to my mom arriving in 29 days...
Hello to the hustle of actually finishing getting this home ready...
Hello to being able to say "I'm having a baby next month"...

We've gone from this:
To this:
And the next picture of our family series will be added very soon.

I love it when life gives you goosebumps.


  1. I'm sort of new to your blog & I just want you to know that all of your posts are so cute & sweet :]

  2. ahhh i'm so excited for you guys!! :)

  3. Jackie: thanks so much XOXO

    Erin: thanks! we're getting soooo close...

  4. how exciting! Its crazy how fast the time goes.

  5. Kat: it really is... one second i was wondering if baby was a boy or a girl, then i blinked and i was over 8 months pregnant..

  6. i cant wait to see her! she is going to be out of control gorgeous =)

  7. Your post gave me goosebumps! I remember being excited and counting down the days for my mom to arrive to meet my little Evangelina. All those feelings are exciting ones. I am so excited for you! Motherhood is such an exciting adventure!
    Take care pretty mama!

  8. Posidanielle: i know i can't wait for my mom to get here! she'll be here before the bird arrives and then my dad, sister and brother will all be here in december when they're on xmas break from school. it will be our first xmas all together here in Hawaii in 6 years and extra exciting with the baby here ;o)

  9. Wow 6 years! That is going to be so wonderful! That's kind of how it is with my hubby's family. His parents live in Guadalajara, Mexico and his brothers and sisters are all spread out. We live the farthest from everyone. So its a rare occasion when the whole family gets together. The closest it was was they year we got married in Guadalajara. We got married 3 days before Christmas and the only one that was missing for Christmas was his oldest brother.

    Are you counting down the days yet?

    I think I am catching the baby bug again. haha.

  10. Ladii Aponte: Thank u! :o)

    Posidanielle: I've been counting down the days for months! haha Luckily I have been with my entire family for xmas in these past 6 years... it's just that I always flew to them. This will just be their first xmas back here... and I can't wait!

  11. I know you will, but take this last month to really enjoy each other. Aydan is only 5 days old and it is crazy (fun and exciting and wonderful), and even though husband and I are in the same house, same's different. not a bad different, just different.