September 21, 2010

What's In Our Hospital Bag

Just thought I'd share what we're planning on bringing to the hospital with us. 
Duffle Bag Of Goodies
For Mama Bird: soft cotton undies, nursing bras, lotion, a robe, and a tub dress to labor in... yep... they'll let me labor in my own clothes!
For Baby Bird: Receiving blankets, clothes/hats/socks/knitted booties, and baby nail clippers.
For Mama & Papa Bird: Snacks for him(energy/granola bars, fruit cups), lollipops for her, gum for both!
For Mama & Papa Bird: Magazines, toothbrushes/paste, hair ties, camera, Flip video cam, batteries, chapstick, ultrasound pics of Ro to use as focal points, tahitian vanilla scented mini diffuser.

We're also bringing:
-more food/snacks(they have a refrigerator in every room for us to use)
-our own pillows
-blanket for Ro
-deodorant/other basic toiletries
-laptop, ipod, Bose ipod player, and chargers for all electronics
-large water bottle with straw
-change of clothes for both of us
-our bathing suits
-super comfy socks
-diapers/wipes for Ro
-a few copies of our Birth Plan

Anything that you guys think we should add? 


  1. Look at you, all ready to go! :) I've heard to bring chap stick, socks, and slippers for the shower. I'm such an over-packer so I'm sure I won't use have the stuff on my list, but I'd rather be over-prepared than under. If you have baby books, bring those so they can stamp Rowan's foot prints. When I was born they stamped my dad's scrubs, too. We're going to do that for our little one. Love the little knitted booties. Where are they from? I'd love me some. And that's awesome they have a fridge!! wahoo!!

  2. thank you for this!! we still have to do our shopping and packing which i'm kind of looking forward to yet dreading! where did you get your nursing bras at? i have yet to buy mine and i'm nervous for some reason about being able to find something affordable yet comfy.

    didn't see these on your list or maybe i just missed them: how about flip flops for showering and such as well as sanitary pads. i've read the hospital ones are God awful and HUGE!

  3. Katie: the baby book idea is a good one.. i have the other stuff on there. ;o) oh and the knitted boots are from Etsy. ;o)

    Erin: I bought the nursing bras at Target.. I think they were $18 each? I do have flip flops on my list(I call 'em slippers) and I actually forgot to put the pads on there.. bringing those too ;o)

  4. All ready to go!! & with really yummy snacks. :)

    Is that a Marie Claire I see? One of the best magazines EVEEEEEERR!

  5. you are so ready to go! haha

    but really, i had a bag and i didn't use anything! usually the hospital hooks you up and i am all about getting free shit. they let us take tons of diapers and blankets and just random crap. you'll see. but if you think you don't want to use their stuff then i guess bringing all the baby stuff will help you out.

    and as for what erin said, the hospital pads are god awful and huge, but SO NECESSARY. you are going to bleed like you will never believe. you pretty much put this HUGE pad on and you keep it on with this weird mesh underwear that they give you. i personally used all the stuff they offered because it meant that i saved my stuff for later. also, make sure your underwear aren't too tight, yet that aren't too loose. just sayin', if you tear (which most people do) you're going to have stitches and you're not going to have tight underwear on.

    whatever, i don't know. just don't take too much! because trust me, you're not even going to use half of it.

  6. Nynga: yep we're all ready! and yes it's Marie Claire's September issue with Mary-Kate Olsen..I bought it a few weeks ago but have been keeping myself from reading it so I can save it for the hospital!

  7. LOVE it! You gave me some really great ideas :) And those recieving blankets are darling.

  8. Jess Craig: yea i'm sure i won't use half the stuff we bring but i'm with Katie- i'd just rather over pack than under. ;o) it all fits in this small duffle bag and it's really not as much as it sounds.

    Jess: it's always nice to know what other moms-to-be are doing to prepare, and i know i've gotten some of these ideas from other people so i'm glad i could pass it on ;o)

  9. yeah like jess said i ended up using everything they offered at the hospital. we didnt even need snacks because the food and drinks they had were enough. also, my labor was pretty short. and even though i brought less things than you and only a few people visited me by the time i checked out i had everything i brought, flowers, cards, a few gifts, a trillion papers the hospital gave me, everything youre allowed to take home from the room (which is literally everything not bolted down) AND my new baby! so basically we had a lot of shit to carry home and it kind of sucked.

  10. Oh i thought of something I did use a lot - lanolin nipple cream. I don't know if you plan to breast feed but if you do, you're going to need it. Seriously. And another thing I liked were these things called soothies. They're amazing.

  11. You are like me I over pack!! Jess is right though I didn't use half my stuff I packed and they give you soooo much stuff for the baby in the hospital that you don't really have to use any of the things you brought!I love the focal point one how its a ultrasound picture! :) Soo freaking cute!!

    This really depends on the hospital but they didn't really let me dress kingston they just wanted him to be in that comono thing they give you while you are their because they poop and pee so much in the beginning and they are constently weighing them and undressing them so I never used any of the cute clothes I packed for him! I did use the blankets though because theirs were ugly! haha

    Its getting sooo close!! I'm soo excited for you!

  12. I love that you can labor in your own clothes! Also, bringing the iPod and scented diffuser is a great idea! Unfortunately I was too far gone by the time I got to the hospital (for the third time!!) that I pushed Jackson out almost on the emergency room floor. No time for reading magazines or listening to music for me. :( I wouldn't plan on bringing cute PJ's though. Like Jess said, you're going to bleed like never before and it's basically going to get everywhere for the first couple days, no matter how big your pads are (and they're HUGE). Wear the hospital's crappy mesh underwear too or just plan on throwing your own away! You're going to do great though and it's going to be the most completely amazing experience of your life- enjoy it!

  13. This is so incredibly precious :)
    Oh & thank you for the thank you card! ;)
    xo, Jamie

  14. Alissa: yea i know we probably won't use it all.. but i'd still rather over pack.. i don't mind bringing a bunch of stuff home, i'm already expecting that.

    Jess: Thanks, I'm gonna check out those soothies!

    Shawntae: thanks! yea we're bringing one outfit for Ro for when we leave and the reason we have a couple extra is because we'll probably take her announcement pictures while we're still in the hospital ;o)

    Blondie Mommie: haha yea we're totally aware that we might not even have a chance to use that stuff but we'd rather have it just in case we end up with a whole lot of time! i also bought the super soft cotton undies to wear expecting to just throw them away. haha

    Jamie: thanks and of course!

  15. So I am a new follower, and I have to say I'm smitten with your blog. I love your style. Congrats on the new baby!! I think your bag is great. I had about twice as much stuff that I didn't use. You are very well prepared and will be happy that you brought everything you did. The only thing I see that you don't have that you will WANT. Is shower essentials. For you and hubby. It is going to depend on how labor goes on how many days you will be there. You will want to shower (it's a messy process). Sometimes the stuff hospitals provide isn't very great. Good luck and I wouldn't lose a thing out of your bags. :)

  16. Hey pretty mama!
    Looks like you are ready to go!
    Beware of the nurse, chicken noodle soup, and tray table. They don't mix! When I was in labor I was so hungry because I hadn't ate since about 6pm the day before and my water didn't break until about 1pm. So when I was in my labor room, I asked the nurse for some food. It was still early enough and she brought me chicken noodle soup then she proceeded to spill it all over me. Ouch! After I got all cleaned up I asked for more and she said nope it was too late! Not Cool! haha.

    Take a memory book or anything else you want stamped with the baby's foot prints. I've seen basket lids, blankets, t-shirts, and many other things. Its so wonderful to see the little foot prints. Also, take pen and paper. You might want to doodle or something.

    Nipple cream and nipple pads. Definitely helpful. It sucks when you leak on your clothes. I did plenty of times even with the pads.

    Don't forget pads for after delivery, they might give you a few, but you might want to pack some just in case or make sure that you have some when you get home.

    Car seat! don't forget to have papa install that! haha my hubs didn't have it installed until we left. haha.

    Oh and a nursing pillow. I absolutely loved my pillow. It was the best thing ever.

    Of course I'm sure that others have already suggested these things.

    I am so excited for you mama bird!
    Sweet dreams beautiful!<3

  17. I'd bring flip flops to shower in. Also, I brought my own underwear but I honestly wore the mesh ones the hospital gave the whole time haha (more because I had a c-section and there wasn't really a band and they stretch and were much more comfy than the undies I brought). I'm not sure if your hospital gives you food but I was in love with the pudding and graham crackers my hospital gave me. I was asking for some like every 2-4 hours haha!

    Oh and you might want to pack your own pads just in case. I hated the ones the hospital gave me. They were huge and I was barely bleeding afterward and they didn't have a lot of the smaller ones.

    Oh and my hospital also supplies you with as much diapers and wipes you need so I wouldn't bring your own and I'd suggest you call your hospital to double check just in case. My hospital gave pampers too so its not like a crappy brand. It will save your own diapers and wipes. The nurse would stock us up and she would even tell us to put some in our bag every time to take home haha! We took A LOT of diapers and wipes when we left. We actually just started using our own like Friday haha.

    Also you might want to bring your own blankets if your sensitive about blankets. I seriously couldn't sleep with the ones they gave me, they itched just way too much.

    Hmmm, that's all I can think of. Good luck! :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  18. Hey,

    Recently a new follower and thought I'd stop bye and say whats uppp?:D

    Sounds like you have everything down pact! I remember getting so excited to pack everything up and hopefully encourage the baby to come out soon hah.

    Do you have a few different sizes for you're little one's clothes? Our doctor was convinced Adrienne was going to be no more than 6 pounds (so he was more than surprised when she came out 7 lbs 3 ounces) so we made sure to take a preemie, newborn, and 0-3 outfit just in case she was too big or too small for the initial outfit we picked for her.

  19. It is so cool that all these people are sharing their honest experience & advice with you!

  20. i totally over packed, but I would rather be prepared and not use things than to need them and not have them.

    take any medications you are taking...even your prenatals. i forgot the meds i was on for gestational diabetes and had to have someone bring it to us.

    i also took a journal....i didn't want to forget anything

  21. LauraS: Thanks so much! and thanks.. I totally forgot about showering stuff like shampoo/soap/etc! ;o)

    Posidanielle: i have some nipple cream but totally didn't think to bring it to the hospital! thanks for the tip! <3

    Jazmyn: we're def bringing slippers... and only a few little diapers (just in case) but otherwise yea i'm going to take advantage of wahtever they have as well... i don't mind bringing the extra stuff, ;o)

    The Pepper: Hello! and yes we have two different sizes we're brings as far as clothes for baby.. hopefully she'll fit into one of them!! ;o)

    The Hunt Family: oh yes this was def already on the list! I've had a lot of mamas tell me about the importance of chapstick! :o)

    Janet: I know, right? I love all my blogger ladies! <333

    Dana: oOooOoohhh prenatals-check! thanks! ;o)

    "Anonymous": ummm I'm pretty darn sure this is MY mama! and of course we're bringing you too!!!! love ya :o)

  22. one thing i wish i had brought with me: motherlove nipple cream. they gave me lanolin at the hospital, but it did nothing for my SUPER sore nipples... took me a day to realize we had it at home, and when i finally used it it was heaven. it's organic and made with olive oil and shea butter and other good stuff. seriously the BEST!

    another thing - i wanted my hair stroked while i was in labor (i did an unmedicated birth so i needed that stimulation!) i kept losing my ponytail holder and i couldn't find my extras! nothing more frustrating than hair in your face during labor, or after when you want to clean up a little for pictures. bring lots of extra hair accessories (and pack them where your hubby can find them easily)!!!

    also... this tip is kind of tmi, hehe, but if they give you special ice packs for, um, down there - take as many home with you as you can!!! that's what i missed the most when i left the hospital, and they don't sell them in stores!

  23. Katie: Thanks for the tips! I'll def bring the nipple cream we already have and hit the hospital up for those ice packs!!

  24. i didnt read all the above comments so forgive me if im repeating but i had to make the hubs run out and buy me a cheap pair of flip flops because my feet/ankles/wholedamnbody were so swollen i couldnt wear my shoes. STEAL A TON OF THE ICEPACKS. also i really liked the lil kimono tees they put H in. they were really soft and so easy for diaper changes. after he was born i went and bought a ton. actually i just bought size 12m(sad face) kimonos and he is in one now.
    also..good call on the cheapo hanes undies. thats all i wore for like a month after wards cause of my episiotomy.

  25. Adriana: check, check, and check! thanks for the input!

  26. you're super prepared!! i packed a big bag to use as well but didn't use anything from it beaides my robe, video camera, digital camera, shampoo/conditioner & chapstick! oh and tons of things to drink afterwards!! [& the baby clothes, of course]