September 24, 2010

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday I was a busy mama birdie! I was in serious nesting mode.. and was non-stop from 6:30am to 9pm. Most of the in between stuff I did was cleaning: I did all the laundry, put away laundry, dusted everything, a couple dishwasher loads, cleaned the bathrooms, and vacuumed. I also took care of some mail related business and other boring responsible adult stuff. Then I moved on to organizing, painting, and decorating...
First thing's first! Mama went and got herself an Iced Chai.. and I had to show you guys this... D snuck the car seat we got from some friends into the car. Yes, I'm officially a driver with a car seat!
We got this rug from Target the other night to try out... I love the rug but we're not sure if we have too many prints going on in the room now with the pillows and wall decals. Plus, I'm still going to paint something to hang above that couch. We have plenty of time to return it. Do you guys like it?
I put one of Ro's ultrasound pictures in this cute nightlight someone gave us at the first baby shower.
I hung lots of stuff that we've just had sitting around. It's so nice not to have bare walls anymore. This is looking at a mirror I hung and you can see one of D's old band flyers that he had framed in it's reflection.
Hung some more of D's band flyers on the wall that's in front of you when you walk in the front door.
Put up these paintings that I did a few years ago in the upstairs hallway.
Painted two coats of white onto our dining table and the first coat of paint on the chairs.
Mama & Baby Bird: 36 weeks, 5 days
Today I'll be finishing up some painting and organizing and then I have another baby doctor's appt this afternoon. My feet are killing me from yesterday already so I can only imagine how they'll feel after today. I'm definitely hittin' Daddy D up for some foot rubs tonight!
Hope you all have a great Friday! If you go out and drink have one for me!! haha


  1. you're so going to have that baby in the next couple of days.

  2. :)

    That rug is a trip! I love it!
    & that is the coolest little night light. I like how you put the photo in.

  3. Jess: haha my friend just called me a couple nights ago and said she had the 26th stuck in her head! I have to admit I DO want Ro to come early but I think I'd rather she hold off until at least Thursday so that my mom doesn't miss it!

    Nynga: thanks! yes I love the rug but I still just can't tell if it's too busy in there now.. I should've posted a better picture of the room where you could see the pillows and stuff..

  4. I like the rug looks really cute! plus I love the cute picture of you at the end :)

    hope your weekend is lovely.

  5. Morgan: thanks! you too doll! ;o)

  6. I love the rug! But if the painting you're going to do is really busy, then I could see how you might reconsider. I think it's fun though! Wish I could have a drink for you ;) soon! lol I'm glad you were quite productive, now rest up tomorrow woman!! =P

  7. Katie: haha after my friend found out i was pregnant she said " man that must suck because when you're pregnant and hormonal and emotional is when you'd need a drink the MOST but you're not allowed too!".. to which i replied "that's exactly right! and thanks for rubbing it in!"

    haha no but seriously it'll be nice to enjoy a glass of wine again...

  8. I LOVE that rug! I think as long as the prints are all geometric prints, without tons of different fighting colors it would be great. I love the mix match look, with prints. Makes everything less fussy.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend, it may be your last pre babe! How exciting!

  9. Jennifer: Thanks! and Oh my I know! It's funny because I have no real reason to think she'll be arriving so much sooner than her due date other than a "feeling".. so I might be building up all this anticipation for no reason.. hahahha

  10. I love your cardigan!!
    And your wall decor & your rug!!
    Don't you just love having a car seat in your car?? I do :)

  11. i hope rowan decides to make her debut into this world sooner than later!!

    i like the rug a lot, but it is pretty intense...might not be too relaxing, but i bet the birdie will love crawling around on it someday, looking at the crazy designs :)

    and THANK YOU for writing about wine and reminding ME of the fact that it's friday night and i wish i could be out having a glass or 5...hahah. I WISH! :) have a great weekend!

  12. Jamie: thank you darlin! yea i'm happy to be in the car seat club.. ;o)

    Joan: ahhhh wine how i miss it so... i especially miss martinis though! ;o)

  13. My $0.02: that rug is awesome! Not only does it look great with your tv stand & couch, you could always get different pillows at some point :) I'm with the person above though, if the painting is going to be busy.. I'd pick a less busy rug.

    I love all the stuff you've done around your house.. nesting looks like SO much fun/work! :)

  14. Janet: thanks!!! it is super fun! but also frustrating at times because i really want the house to be completely finished before Rowan arrives and i don't think that'll be the case.. :o( Either way, we're at least as ready as we can be ;o)