October 04, 2010

Keep It Moving

-went to some gun and knives show at the Blaisdell so D could be a boy and buy boy stuff(he didn't actually buy guns or knives, he bought ammo boxes for work).
-went to Home Depot (again)
-went to Wal-Mart
-went to the movies
-played board games
-watched another movie at home
-ate cupcakes
Baby Bird: 38 weeks
My mom has been running me all over town for the past 4 days and I'm genuinely shocked I haven't already gone into labor. My feet and hips hurt but we just keep on movin. I'm ready to do this already and I'm starting to get jealous every time one of you says "I had my baby at 36/37/38 weeks." I don't want to wait until 40 weeks anymore. Call me selfish, but I want to meet my daughter. I have another doctor's appt today so fingers crossed that I've dilated more!


  1. Hi. I'm Claudia, it's my first time here. Found you through top baby blogs.
    You are almost there. Lily was 5 days late, I know how you feel but trust me when I tell you to just relax and enjoy this time. It's all about to change.


  2. this is by FAR the hardest part of pregnancy....these last couple weeks. but i promise, your going to be a bit sad when its over.

    that being said, COME ON BABY RO! IM DYING TO SEE YOU!


  3. good for you for keepin' on movin'! I can barely run two errands before I'm totally zonked. Hang in there, girl! The longer she's in there, the healthier she'll be :) But of course it's alright to be selfish, too! ;)

  4. Good luck! I hope she comes soooon! Waiting is pretty much the worst. Walk around as much as you can...it's supposed to help speed things up (although it didn't do a damn thing for me! Gah!)

  5. Good luck at your doctor's appointment. I know exactly what you mean by not wanting to wait until 40 weeks. I was the same way and week 39 was the worst!

    Little Sugar Monster

  6. that baby is gettin big guuuuurl! i hope she comes soon. im so excited to see her. she is going to be just perfect!!!
    and your mom is adorable btw!

  7. i feel your 'pain' on the jealousy part. i just keep waking up each morning and thinking..."will today be the day?" soon enough, our babies will be here and we will love every minute! you're definitely not selfish...i feel the same way (i am 36 weeks) my problem right now are all those discouraging folks out there...telling me how hard it is going to be with all their "good luck with breastfeeding"..."good luck with cloth diapering, etc." could they be any more negative? i am excited about every single up & down that parenting has to offer! best wishes to you & your family :)

  8. I got stranded in front of a Home Depot today. haha.

    You & your mama are so cute! I love her tank top. :)

    P.S.--Hubby's beard is (as Tyra Banks would say) fierce! :D

  9. Don't forget to REST and take care of yourself! When you go into labour you're going to need every last bit of energy.
    I love that you're taking daily photo's. You're looking uber cute :)

    lots of love XOXOXOXO

  11. Not selfish at all! Just done! I am right there. I am 35 weeks today and am SO DONE! The hip pain is so bad :/