October 29, 2010

Post-Pregnancy Update

Well it's been a little over 3 weeks since I popped Ro out and I thought I'd document my progress post-pregnancy.

Body: I gained exactly 25lbs during the pregnancy and thanks to breast feeding I'm already 4lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight. I actually feel like my body is back to what it was except I still have my linea nigra, my bewbs are bigger, and I'm pretty sure the last 4lbs are just my lack of tone. I always promised myself I would give myself a break after I had Ro and not stress over body issues. Especially since I'm not even working out yet! I can't wait to hit the sidewalks with Ro+stroller and our mini gym across the street, but I'm not gonna lie, my mama passed on some good genes and I'm grateful for that! Plus I got through it sans stretch marks, can I get a big hell yes!?
The one thing I'm not so thrilled about? My post-preggers complexion! About a week after having Ro I started breaking out and haven't really gotten it under control since. A dermatologist visit is in order very soon. Any of you mama's out there experience this? My hormones must be all sorts of whackerdoodle right now!

Mood: Terrific! I've been able to successfully "look on the bright side" even in the roughest of times (like the nights Ro wakes up every 2 hours, or I finally get her to sleep at 3am and then she gets the hiccups and they wake her up again, or when she got her first shot and I managed to not cry, or when my friends ask to hang out but I'm still in new-mommy mode, or the fact that I'm slightly missing out on my FAVORITE holiday this year). Absolutely nothing can compare to the perks of motherhood, and every "complaint" that I can maybe scrounge up for you guys really doesn't bother me for more than about 0.2 seconds, then I look at the sweet baby that D and I made and I'm like "Halloween? Wuuuuts dat?" "Sleep? Eh." "Hit the bar tonight? NO THANKS!" Yep, it's all about lookin on the bright side.. and I feel like the side I'm now on is pretty effin bright!

Relationship: Everyone talks about how much your relationship/marriage changes after you have a baby. Well honestly, I don't feel like anything has changed except obviously we haven't been doing the same things that we used to, but that's because Ro's so tiny and we knew we'd go into hibernation for a little while! If anything, we've only gotten closer since her birth and I love D more and more every time I watch him with our daughter. We still make the time for each other, even if it's a little less time because I'm falling asleep at 8pm with the baby. Hardy har.

Lifestyle: Boy oh boy this new routine cracks me up! But, like I said we knew what we were getting ourselves into and we were already super settled during the pregnancy. We're used to not seeing friends as much, not "partying" as much (or really at all, at least not in the general sense), and doing domesticated type things. Plus, we know eventually we'll have our date nights and friend time again. It's really just a matter of giving it time and understanding that everything will be a little different now (different as in I'll only have a couple of glasses of wine or just one martini instead of however many the night brings me.. who wants to take care of a bebe with a side of hangover? NOT MOI!)
HELLOOO! We chose to get pregnant! We chose this life! I'm not about about to run around screaming "poor mes" and "I didn't think it'd be this hards." Of course it's hard! I'm responsible for another human and their well-being... pretty intense right? But I couldn't be more happy to do the job.

Speaking of that other human- here she is in all her towel loving bath time hating swagger glory:


  1. Glad to hear you're doing so well, so soon! Minus the complexion issues. I always heard that pregnancy makes your skin worse... well... mine has been about the same. So I feel as though I'll get hit twice as hard once Elliot's born. Hopefully not, though!
    I completely know what you mean. You'd think only the mamas who accidentally ended up pregnant would complain about how much life changes... nope. I have friends who were busy TTCing for a year plus and then, less than a month after the bebe's born, complain about not being able to have free time/go out/etc. Um... hello?!

  2. so sweet. You look awesome momma and I hope the same thing happens to me. I've gained 25lbs, the baby should be here in the next 2-3 weeks, so maybe a few more pounds are in the future; then hopefully they'll shed right off with breastfeeding. ((fingers crossed)) so glad you are loving life and not sweating the small stuff! What a great mentality. My husband and I are used to having to say 'no' to events all the time, with him being in med school, so I don't think we'll have a problem saying 'no' because of a baby. Keep loving on that little bird! <33

  3. You look great! I took awhile to lose my baby weight, but I definitely didn't stress about it. There are more important things, right?

    Your little girl is BEAUTIFUL :)

    And I realized your maternity shot (the parts in the park) is at a neighborhood park where we live. ;)

  4. That's good you're doing awesome! I gained 40lbs when I was pregnant lol but I was 97lbs before I got pregnant, so I needed to gain the extra weight. I am now down to 114lbs and I haven't been working out or breastfeeding. I want to get down to 105 though so I can fit into at least some of my old clothes lol. I also still have that stupid linea nigra but it has faded a lot. Good luck with everything! :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  5. oh awesome! what a good post! i know we were all wondering how you were doing...

  6. aydan is almost 9 weeks and my face is still breaking out like crazy! I seriously look like I am a teenager again and its driving me nuts.

  7. So good to hear you guys are doing great! Don't you love how fast you lose the weight when you breastfeed?! Just wait- you'll probably lose another 15 pounds and be smaller than before you got pregnant! It's the best!

  8. I appreciate this post so much!! We're in the final months of preperation before we start trying and everyone tells me how hard it's going to be and how much it will affect our relationship. This makes me feel like we are definitely ready!

  9. Thanks for the update. This definitely helps me with my first time parenting jitters. Little girl is coming any day now and some days I feel like I want her to wait a few more months to be ready, but this post has helped me see that it CAN be more than just a sleepless zombie like mode.