October 02, 2010

Still No Baby, But We've Got Time

Baby & Mama:
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Today D has a work related class all day so me and mom are gonna hit up some yard sales and maybe grab some lunch. Tonight we're all having dinner at my mom's favorite- Bubba Gumps! We've been getting out of the house as much as possible so that I can get these hips movin and labor started! I remember not too long ago I blogged about worrying I might never get to the "we're ready for you baby! come out!" stage(because I love being pregnant so much) but now that we're so frickin close it's all I can think about! I still can't believe I'm having a baby. 
I'm. Having. A. Baby.
Yes, a mini human that I've been growing inside my body is about to come out and she'll look like me and the love of my life!?!??!?!?! I don't care if pregnancy lasts the majority of a year, you could never possibly, fully, completely wrap your head around that. Even when she's here I'm sure it will take a little while to feel like I'm not dreaming.
I'm usually the type of person that doesn't handle change very well. Especially big-life-altering-blow-your-mind change. But this is a change that we chose. A change we were as ready for as we could be. A change for the better. I'll never take that for granted. I found my love, we made a home, and our love made a baby. There's nothing more romantic or exciting. 

So bring on the change!


  1. i smiled while i read this whole post!

  2. I am so excited for you!!! Maybe your love can help you get that labor started.;) if you know what I mean. It doesn't hurt to try.

    Its definitely life altering! Nothing will ever be the same, but it is so worth it! There are days where you will want to pull your hair out, there are days when all you do is cry, there are days when you think you should be locked up in the loony house, but when you catch a breath and you see that little birds darling face you will know its so worth it. <3

    Who knows you may not have any of those feelings. It may just be all me. haha.

    And the love that you have is the ultimate love! No doubt about that.

    Love ya mama!

  3. youre making me want to be pregnant again! and i never realized how high youre carrying. i wonder if you'll drop before shes born?

  4. So sweet, I'm so excited for you! Your post makes me want another baby stat.

  5. Aww how exciting! Your belly is really cute as well. :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  6. Jill: ;o) XOXO

    Posidanielle: oh I know I'll have crazy stressful days but I'll handle those when I get to them and try to stay positive in the meantime! It's all you can really do, right? Love ya back! ;o)

    Alissa: haha I know I hope she drops soon so I can breathe!!

    Kriznizzle: thank you! uh oh I'm passin' on the baby fevahhhhh! ;o)

    Becky: Me either!!!! <3

  7. Very nicely put! So exciting ... just waiting for your little girl to make her appearance! PP is right.. you are high! But you look amazing :)

  8. Hi, I very stupidly deleted the text under my button (so now people cannot take my button) and cannot remember how I got it there :( I know you have my button, could you pretty please put the text/link for it in a comment on my page? If you still have it? Hope this makes sense, Thank you so much

  9. Sorry about the last comment I just sorted it out .... I think, Thanks again

  10. Kriznizzle: haha it's ok. so you don't still need the link right?

  11. Right I'm all good now. Not only are you passing on baby fever But I seem to have caught baby brain as well, Then again don't think it ever got rid of it LOL