November 30, 2010


Ro and I have been doing a lot of online shopping for the past few days and I thought I'd share our Christmas Wishlist with you guys! I have to be honest, I ::ahem:: I mean Santa already bought all of the first 6 items because those presents are for Rowan and he just can't resist my little baby doll! Shhh don't tell her! But 7 through 12 are a few things that I've got my eye on.

All Baby Wants Is..
1. Mom headband from Etsy
2. Songbirds PJ set from Tea Collection
3. Bird print from Etsy
4. Floral hoodie from Anthropologie Kids
5. Sailboats dress from Anthropologie Kids
6. Hawaii inspired Aloha pants from Harajuku Lovers

All Mama Wants Is..
7. Petal dress from Modcloth
8. Lightweight birdie scarf from Modcloth
9. Studded tote from Modcloth
10. To stay at a hotel for New Years!
11. Studded boots from Modcloth
12. An upgrade to the iPhone 4

Fingers crossed that Mr. Claus is good to his gals this year!

November 29, 2010

Double Take

Almost thought all of these babies were Ro huh?
Nope! The pictures on the left are of baby me and the right ones are of Rowan!
Soooomebody looks like her mama!

November 28, 2010

A Wedding

Last night, my cousin Keoni and his long time lovahhh got married! 
They had a picture table with mustaches and an instax mini camera to use the pictures in a wedding scrap book... we all had way too much fun with it..
Even Ro got in on the mustache action
Papa Bird lookin cute in suspenders
Our little birdie was SO cute in her little dress and mary jane socks
Keoni meeting Ro for the first time.. and as a married man! Yay!
Mama and Baby Birdie
She kept getting lost in all her frilly ruffles...
Ro with Auntie January
We met this little man named Quincy who was born only 2 days before Ro.. but was literally twice her size! We couldn't get a good picture of them together because they were both squirming around so much.. but he was quite the cutie!
My auntie and uncle.. proud parents!
Blowing spit bubbles..
My cousin Joey playin a little tune for the bride and groom..
Ro was fascinated by his performance..
Cutting the red velvet cake.. my fav!
Here's to the happy couple!
Somebody was ready for bed after partying so hard..

Congrats Keoni and Steph! Love you guys!

November 26, 2010

November 25, 2010


a little sweetness..

I'm thankful for:
-Rowan and her good health
-D and our happy marriage
-my mom for being here and being so helpful
-that the rest of my family will be here next month
-our home and being able to live in Hawaii
-that we're celebrating thanksgiving a little different this year and got a hotel room in Waikiki to spend it poolside
-that my MRI results showed that my brain is in tip top shape! now if only we could figure out what's goin on
-my friends
-Wii Netflix

Happy Thanksgiving!
The Hoeft's

November 24, 2010


Since giving birth I've had a few health issues that I've avoided mentioning here on the blog. Mostly because we don't have any answers to why things are happening yet, and partly because I'm too scared to talk about it more than I have to. In the third trimester of my pregnancy I started feeling a little dizzy and unable to focus. Almost like how you feel when you're drunk, and if I focused on something/someone I would feel like I was going to go cross-eyed or something. I know, weird right?
I had an EEG done to make sure that I wasn't having seizures and thank goodness that came back negative but we couldn't do any other tests while I was pregnant because Ro would've been exposed to radiation. We also ruled out anemia, and the doctor said that it was probably just my body going into overdrive in the third trimester and my symptoms would most likely go away after I gave birth. Well, since giving birth they've only gotten worse. Now my symptoms are accompanied by head pressure and sometimes a tingling sensation in my head. NOT FUN. 
Today, we're getting results from an MRI that I did last week, and hopefully we can rule out anything super scary but I'm mostly writing about this now because I was curious if any of you mamas experienced something like this? I can't help but hope that one of you did(and got rid of it), only because that would mean that I'm not a complete freak of nature! I'm so scared that this will be one of those medical cases that no one can solve or explain and I'm just going to have to live like this for the rest of my life!
So.. anyone experience this at all??

November 22, 2010

Deck the Halls

 We decorated our trees this year with little birdies! Perfection!
We have another small tree on the staircase but I didn't snap a picture of that one yet.
Man I love Christmas decor.. the twinkle and glow of xmas lights at night is the best!

Cherry Bomb