November 05, 2010


Our little birdie is one month old! Time is flying by and we're just soaking in every little moment with her before she's friggin off to college!
Rowan loves:
ceiling fans, stretching, when you hold her in your arms so that she's on her back facing you, when you march around the house with her, being carried up the stairs, nursing lying down with her mama, sleeping on her tummy during naps, comfort sucking, sleeping on her papa's chest, her musical lamb, looking at the trees out the window, and above all else milk milk milk!
Rowan doesn't love:
shots, pooping herself awake, when one boob isn't quite producing yet and she's been  frustration sucking for a hot minute, when we drive through the tunnel.
Rowan's stats:
7lbs, 3oz and 21 inches.
Some of Rowan's firsts
day 3- first trip to pediatrician's office 
day 5- first cough
day 8- lost her umbilical cord
day 10- first bottle of pumped breast milk
day 12- first nail trim
day 19- first time wearing a dress and papa bird read her a book for the first time
day 20- first shower with papa bird, first ride in Moby Wrap, and first real outing
day 22- first bath in kitchen sink and first nap in her crib(and on her stomach)
day 28- wore first bathing suit(mama bird's from when she was a baby)


  1. ahhhh!! I know I say this all the time but I just love her. Her little nose,the pants, this whole post! Yay.

    I love how you are writing everything down and documenting all of this. They just grow soo fast!! I just wish I could snuggle her!!

  2. I love her little outfit!
    YAY for one month!

  3. Aww she is so adorable! Alyson loves sleeping on her daddy's chest too. She hates sleeping on mine for some reason, you would think the extra cushion would be comfy, but I guess not lol.

    Its crazy how fast they grow though!

    Little Sugar Monster

  4. Ahh Jess, Ro is getting bigger and prettier ever day. Just like her mama of course♥ (not the bigger part, just the prettier part)!

    So, what color are her eyes? They still look like they are in the grayish/blueish stage. I'm so happy for you guys!

  5. how wonderful! Happy 1 month beautiful baby Rowan! She is so beautiful!
    Take care pretty mama!

  6. 1 month already!??! nope. not allowed. the end!


  7. There are bathing suits for Babies??? How cute is thet! Is there a pic?

  8. wow she is just perfect! love the little timeline and her pants are so adorable.

  9. One whole month already.
    {these pictures are too cute}

  10. happy 1 month!!! :)
    seriously treasure every second. Lily will be 1 tomorrow. i can't believe it.

  11. i love that little one month old. omg. she is too precious!

  12. I can't believe she's a month old already! and I can't get over the all the cuteness...and those pants! LOVE THEM :)

  13. She is so frigging adorable!!! I love the pants!!!