November 12, 2010

Family Din Din

Just got back from our first sit down restaurant dinner with the bird. She was awesome and slept the entire time! This picture was taken a little while before we left and she was not havin it! I love this sassy lil thanggg..
I'm off to catch some much needed Z's before she wakes up to get her milk on again!


  1. I love the look at your faces - "yeah, we made her, she's the cutest - we know."

  2. oh man, so were you totally neurotic? even though i felt like a pretty calm mama, i know deep down i was a tad bit crazy when we went out and stuff with wyatt. mostly because he would only sleep until the food came... and then he'd scream and want to be nursed. so i usually nursed him as i ATE in the FREAKING RESTAURANT. oh well. cherish her! (i know you are)

  3. Randalin: ;o)

    Jess: Yea I was def anxious when we first got there but then I realized that she was out like a light so I just enjoyed the food! NOM NOM NOM

    Bevin: thanks doll! <3