November 14, 2010

First Date Night

Yesterday D and I went to a friend's wedding and it was our first night out sans bebe! I was so excited to get all dolled up and have some quality time with my man but I hated leaving Ro for so long! Luckily I have my mom here, which is pretty much the greatest babysitter in the world to have, but believe me her phone was blowin up with check-in texts from me!
There was an open bar and a happily fed baby back at home, so that pretty much equalled gettin my drink on! But let me tell ya, "pumpin and dumpin" later that night/this morning was hard to do! What a waste!
I love that we had such a great night out together and then got to come home to this sweet baby girl..
Just livin the life!


  1. Giiiiiirrl.

    If I didn't know you used to be pregnant, I would've thought you never ever were.

    What I'm trying to say is...

    You look awesome! :)

  2. sweeeeeeeeeet. your banner looks awesome.

    also, i NEVER drank while i was nursing just because i never wanted to deal with the whole pumping and dumping. i might of had one drink i think? but at the time, i was nursing every 4-5 hours by then, so i had some time to get rid of it from my system. anyway, you look so good jessica. seriously! you should be so proud of yourself (or at least be appreciative of your amazing genes/jeans).

  3. I've pumped and dumped three times now...and each time it kills me and I think the same thing..."what a waste". I probably do it more than I have to because each time I only had one glass of wine and I dumped the next three sessions....I'm just so paranoid!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your date night! You look so cute :)

  5. you are so gorgeous! I love your dress! I remember my first date without the baby. its was so hard. The best thing about the night was coming home and seeing her.

    Rowan is beautiful and her personality is already shining through! Its amazing!

  6. Nynga: THANKYOU!!!!

    Bevin: thanks! i got it at forever21 ;o)

    Jess: thanks lovah! but breastfeeding/genes get all the cred so far.. i'm excited to start working out again this week to tone up though!

    Dana: GIRL YOU HAVE TO GO HERE ( and buy a few boxes of the milkscreen! They're awesome and you can stop wasting all that milk! ;o)

    Nikki: thank you doll!

    Posidanielle: Thanks girl! coming home to Ro was the best part for us too ;o)

  7. Sounds like a great night had by all :) And I'm sure your mom appreciated the bonding time with the grandbabe.
    And here's a question for you: {which I could probably google but, eh... I'm lazy} how long do you have to wait before you can breastfeed again after drinking? Is there a set time by which the alcohol should have left your system/milk? Hmmm.

  8. Looks like you guys had a good time!! And your little baby bird is adorable. Yay for Grandmas!

  9. Jess: Well I don't think it's a set time for every circumstance.. my doctor told me that basically, when you "sober up" is when the alcohol has left your system so you can breast feed any time after that. But I was tipsy when I got home so I pump and dumped.. then did again at the 4am feeding because I woke up feeling the same. The best thing I can suggest though are the milkscreen alcohol test strips that you can find at!! They're awesome and I used one in the morning just to be sure all the alcohol was out of my system. ;o)

    Megan: thank you darlin!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I've been a reader for a while now, but never left a comment. I wanted to ask you about the clothes you wore during pregnancy. You looked so great, not like a boring pregnant girl. Did you wear maternity clothes or were those just normal clothes? If you don't mind, could you share where you mostly shopped for clothes you wore throughout your pregnancy? If I'm being too invasive, please ignore my post!
    I'm 17 weeks and having trouble finding cute clothes to wear.

  11. Camila: Hi! Well I actually didn't wear any maternity clothes (except for a couple of white wife beaters because they were the only ones long enough) during my pregnancy. I just bought mediums instead of smalls at the stores I already shopped at. A lot of my clothes are from Urban Outties, Modcloth, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, this local store here called Adore, and Salvation army for vintage threads! ;o) Also shopped mostly for empire waist dresses/long shirts and wore leggings most days. Hope you have fun shopping! I LOVED dressing myself while pregnant, I honestly liked the way I wore clothes better because a cute preggo belly is THE BEST accessory! <3 Congrats on your pregnancy and have fun with it! XOXO

  12. Glad you guys got some time away!

    We just bought that sleeper Ro's in last night. Our son is due in January, and we planned on using it to keep by our bed. Is that what you do? How do you like it?

  13. Thanks for taking the time to respond Jessica!

  14. Laura: yes we love it! we do use it as her night time bassinet.. although i have to admit we co-sleep most nights.. but every night we don't she's sound asleep in it ;o)

  15. i love your blog and your look in these pictures! what kind of sunglasses are you wearing - they're adorbs! such a beautiful family. :)