November 28, 2010

A Wedding

Last night, my cousin Keoni and his long time lovahhh got married! 
They had a picture table with mustaches and an instax mini camera to use the pictures in a wedding scrap book... we all had way too much fun with it..
Even Ro got in on the mustache action
Papa Bird lookin cute in suspenders
Our little birdie was SO cute in her little dress and mary jane socks
Keoni meeting Ro for the first time.. and as a married man! Yay!
Mama and Baby Birdie
She kept getting lost in all her frilly ruffles...
Ro with Auntie January
We met this little man named Quincy who was born only 2 days before Ro.. but was literally twice her size! We couldn't get a good picture of them together because they were both squirming around so much.. but he was quite the cutie!
My auntie and uncle.. proud parents!
Blowing spit bubbles..
My cousin Joey playin a little tune for the bride and groom..
Ro was fascinated by his performance..
Cutting the red velvet cake.. my fav!
Here's to the happy couple!
Somebody was ready for bed after partying so hard..

Congrats Keoni and Steph! Love you guys!


  1. cute i love weddings ^^ cute blog, plz check out mine too ^^

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  2. what a super nice day! also, your family seems so musical.

  3. Looks like a great time! You all looked wonderful and I {love} those little Mary Jane socks!
    I adore weddings.

  4. looks like a perfect wedding! you guys are adorable and seriously? you just had a baby? sheeesh, looking so good i'm jealous! good job!

  5. Rowan looked so pretty! I adore her dress. And you, obviously, looked stellar and amazing. You did JUST have Rowan, right?? You're beautiful, mama! Looks like it was a lovely wedding with family and love all around.

  6. Haven't commented in a while but just letting you know that I'm so loving watching the little bird grow! she's so, so sweet. and you guys look great!

  7. I love, love, love your dress! Beautiful family & wedding :)

  8. HitomiNeko: thanks, will do!

    Jess Craig: yep.. we've actually got a lot of musicians in our families ;o)

    Jess: thank you! aren't they so cute?! :o)

    Allie: thanks girl!!!! XOXO

    Amelie522: thaaaaaaank youuuuuuu!!!! <3

    Kait: thanks she's growin up fast!! :o)

    Lori: thanks I got it from Modcloth! :o)

  9. Nice blog and pics Jess. Love you.