December 05, 2010


Holy sheet! Rowizzle is two months?!? We're gonna be in a nursing home in no time.. hopefully she loves us enough to take care of us herself.. DUH SHE WILL!
Rowan loves:
being on her changing table in her room, being pushed in her stroller across bumpy ground/floors, staring at christmas lights, her grandma, being held/cuddled, when I say "dooo you have a mustache?" in a high pitched voice and I swipe my finger lightly across her upper lip, being photographed, looking at OK! Magazine with Mama.
Rowan doesn't love: 
the pediatrician/shots, bath time, not facing outward while being held (when awake) because she wants to be able to see everything, when we change her in and out of pullover clothing.
Rowan's stats:
9lbs, 15oz and 23 inches.
Some of Rowan's firsts:
1 month, 1 day- first time she smiled at me while awake
1 month, 3 days- produced her first little tears while crying
1 month, 4 days- first bath in bathtub with Mama
1 month, 6 days- her first time at the beach (but only to snap a few quick pictures)
1 month, 7 days- first sit down restaurant dinner (at Ruby Tuesdays and she slept the whole time)
1 month, 8 days- first time away from both Mama and Papa for more than 20 minutes(we were at a friend's wedding) and she did great with Grandma
1 month, 20 days- her first time staying at a hotel and first time at the pool(but didn't get in water)
1 month, 22 days- her first time at a wedding(Keoni & Steph's)
1 month, 28 days- first time she peed all over Papa Bird
(check out Rowan at 1 month)


  1. Holy crap. It doesn't seem possible that it had been that long. It seems like only yesterday we were all awaiting facebook statuses on her birth. She really is such a beautiful baby.

  2. Lol Alyson ALWAYS pees on David. Its funny how most babies like the same thing. She is tiny compared to Alyson at 2 months. Alyson was 11lbs 5oz lol. Alyson still has another month till her next checkup so I'm not sure how much she weighs now but I know she is at least 12lbs now. Rowan is so cute though! :)

    The Sweetest Life

  3. She is soo cute and is getting big. I love her little outfit and how you say, "do you have a mustache?" You are the cutest mommy

  4. She is simply gorgeous! I can't believe that she is 2 months already! Don't they grow up too fast?? Its insane! They change way too fast! You are so beautiful! and Evangelina loved these pictures!

  5. oh man jessica, she really is such a beautiful baby. she has bedroom eyes.

  6. she is seriously cute. i kinda wanna squish her. this made me go back and look at baby liv pics...ah it goes so fast...

  7. Did Jess above just tell you that your 2 month old has bedroom eyes? Oh wow... she did. lol!

    Picture #2... I think she looks ALL daddy. Every other pic I see mama.

    Happy 2 months baby girl. You sure are a pretty one.

  8. Already 2 months!
    She's so pretty.

    I like her little outfit.

  9. she is just so aborable! I love the owl shirt. also love the way you keep track of all of her first....I been good with big milestones, but ot everything :(

  10. She is adorable and I want that little owl shirt!

  11. Seriously, she is stunningly beautiful. Obviously, I mean, look at her mama. But those eyes and the one picture where she's on her belly? Her little ankles look so sweet! That shirt is so amazing, too.

  12. thank you girls!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  13. booking a vacation to hawaii. not to sit and soak up the sun or anything but to hold this beautiful snuggly baby! man, she is so gorgeous!

  14. haha thanks Jill! you guys really should come visit! you'd have a place to stay! ;o)