December 11, 2010

Beach Day

Today we packed up and headed to the beach!
D wore his silly hat.
Ro got in a nap.
We all relaxed.
This is why the beach is called "Pyramid Rock."
We watched a turtle swim with the surfers and my mom spotted some whales far out in the distance!
My parents enjoyed the sunshine.
I enjoyed the cool breeze by the sea.
Rowan woke up and watched the clouds. 
It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon...
We love living in Hawaii


  1. You look good in your bikini. NO "eeping" you would "eep" if you saw me in one. I'm jealous you guys live in Hawaii. Im jealous that you saw a turtle,a whale and that you are sitting on the beach and it's warm. *sigh*

    Rowan is getting big and is the cutest eva.

  2. You lucky woman. Beach in December... And that beach looks like a scene from lost.

  3. Looks lovely.... My husband is from there but we are stationed in Germany right now. We are hoping for Hawaii after this tour. :) Ro is beautiful!

  4. You lucky guys, we fear ice and snow again.
    You look great, esp (!) for a brand-new Mom! :-)

  5. Lucky!!!! I am quite jealous of the beautiful weather!! I wish I could enjoy that sunshine instead of this gloomy cold rain that we are having! And you look fabulous! Strut your stuff hot stuff! <3

  6. how fun! so jealous of your hot bod and the hot weather! aaawww, hawaiin livin! also? FAVORITE picture of rowan yet! love that little lady!!!

  7. You look FABULOUSO :) no eeping allowed! lol

  8. These pictures made me cry =(