December 12, 2010

Checkin Off the List

It's only the 12th but I already have a bunch of my December to-dos checked off! 

-We watched Ernest Saves Christmas and boy was that a blast from the past! I hadn't seen it since I was a kid, and it was definitely different watching it as an adult but still pretty funny.. in a ridiculous sort of way.

-As you all have seen, we made our family Christmas card.. and had a lot of fun doing it!

-Technically we only saw the parade, and it was a seriously nice day! This is how we do a parade Hawaiian style!
-In Hawaii our "winters" are pretty much just the rainy season, and what that means for us? Rainy nights = COLD! Yes, we're all a little thing called acclimated so I do realize that what's cold to us might be really warm for a lot of you on the mainland(so no "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT COLD IS!" comments please.. I know.. there's snow outside where you live haha) but we've had a lot of cold and rainy nights so we've gotten in a lot of snuggle time! I don't have a pic of all three of us but here's me and Ro in cuddly PJs one morning.
-I dyed my hair finally! I didn't dye it a different color. I just wanted to get rid of those faded ends!
From this..
.. to this.

-I don't have any pictures but we've baked a lot of delish Christmas treats. The bummer is, I'm officially back into my work out regime and trying to eat healthier so I haven't gotten to indulge. I think I may have to start treating myself to a little Christmas sump'n sump'n at the end of each week! YES. I. THINK. SO.

-My dad got here on Thursday night so Rowan's finally been introduced to her Gpa! My sister and brother will be here this week so I'll be able to check that off soon.
-We went to D's xmas work party last Saturday and it was really awesome! We won a $50 gift card to Costco and a $500 gift card to Sears! LUCKY NIGHT! 
They hired this clown to walk around and make jokes all night and he was pretty harsh! It was like a company roast, and luckily everyone was a good sport cause this guy was seriously puttin' people on blast! This is the best picture I could quickly sneak of him.. I knew he'd come after me if he caught me taking his picture haha.
So that's what I've done so far! It's been fun and I can't wait to continue checking off the rest of my "to-dos."
I'd also like to share a few more pictures of our xmas decor..
-Our xmas table!
 -Added a few red snowflakes to our tree and the presents are piling up!
-These lights are some of my fav xmas decorations this year. I love having a staircase!


  1. :D

    Super awesome.
    That parade looks like it'd be fun to watch.

    & your place looks GORGEOUS! Good job decorating. I fail at life & haven't done much this year aside from putting up the tree & decorating the front door. Eh. It's a start.

  2. So many things to comment on!
    1. Looks like you've been productive! That list is nearly complete!
    2. I like your hair. It's styled the same as mine, haha! Different color, though.
    3. That picture of Ro & Grandpa is adorable.
    4. LOVE how you decorated your staircase. :D

  3. um, your dad is kind of handsome!

  4. Your list is full of holiday goodness! I may steal some stuff off of it. And your house looks fab in every know how to do it up, Christmas style, my dear! I was looking at the pics from the beach, and can I say that for having Rowan not that long ago, you look INSANE?!?! In a good way, obviously. And the hair looks gorgeous, as usual. The last pic of the parade makes me want to move to should be on a vintage postcard or something.

  5. First I love the Christmas to do list and hubby wants to know what kind of camera you use....

  6. I haven't checked in on your blog in a while...but I wanted to say that you look fantastic and little rowan is a beautiful as ever. Happy holidays!

  7. Yay for being able to get a lot of things checked off! And I am so happy that your family is making it in to see the little bird and you! That truly is exciting! Your decorations look adorable! I love the white tree! I have never been a fan of the white trees but yours looks gorgeous!

  8. Haha well, like the person above me, I think I have to number my thoughts on the last 4 posts that I caught up on!
    1. You look FANTASTIC in a bikini! I hope you know you ROCK it girl, seriously!
    2. I love your Christmas decor. It's so pretty and festive.
    3. I am jealous of your view from your town. WOW, living in Hawaii would be amazing. I don't do too well with cold weather so I dream of living on the beach in December haha.
    4.Your mom and dad both look fabulous!!!
    5. Rowan is the cutest thing! She is such a pretty baby and SO happy and smiley. I love that! Your blog always makes me smile :D


    Soda Pup: it's a Canon EOS 50D :o)