December 13, 2010

Party Time

Yesterday we went to our little buddy Riley's 1st birthday party!
The drive along the coast was beautiful..
Ro was awake for most of the drive..
Then she got sleepy..
The party was at a beautiful ranch overlooking acres of land and the ocean in the distance..
Some parts of the ranch seemed more like a jungle..
So we went for a walk..
And found the parts that were definitely like a ranch!
Ro slept through meeting her first horse..
We headed back just in time to sing happy birthday..
Mister Riley was the cutest little man on the scene..
And loved his cake THIS much!
So the rest of us enjoyed cupcakes..
Then enjoyed the sunset before heading home..
Mama and Papa stopped for salted caramel hot cocoas on the way..
They were just what we needed on a rainy night..
Then mama snuck some kisses before bed time..
It was a lovely day!


  1. Oh wow. I read 'Riley' as 'Rowan' when I looked at the first line & I was thinking, "Where has time gone?" HAHA I'm such a loser.

    Wow, that place is GORGEOUS. & cake! NOM.

  2. where in Hawaii do you live? so jealous!
    I went to Kauaii for my honeymoon and fell in love :)

  3. such a sweet blog you have by the way, i'm your newest follower :)

  4. thanks girls!

    Eva: we live on Oahu ;o)