January 05, 2011


Baby Ro has been on this planet for 3 whole months now- which pretty much means they're the best 3 months the planet's ever had. This kid gets more and more awesome by the second!
Rowan loves:
grabbing at things, watching tv, sucking her thumb, going to the beach, being naked, sleeping in her car seat, when you hold her hand, fireworks, holding her head up, when you pretend like you're going to eat her.
Rowan doesn't love:
the sound of our food processor, being changed in and out of pullover clothing, losing her pacifier, her aunt and uncle taking over her nursery while they're here, baby nightmares.
Rowan's stats:
11lbs, 7oz and 23 inches.
Some of Rowan's firsts:
2 months, 7 days- attended a friend's first birthday for the first time
2 months, 12 days- met Aunt Katie and Uncle Johnny for the first time
2 months, 17 days- starred in her first comic strip
2 months, 20 days- first Christmas
2 months, 26 days- first New Years Eve, found herself in her swing mirror
2 months, 27 days- found her feet with her hands, first laugh
2 months, 30 days- first party at home
(check out Rowan at 1 month, 2 months)


  1. Aww she is so cute!! I love her little outfit, especially the jeans!! :)

    The Sweetest Life

  2. omg baby skinny jeans - so freaking cute!!!

  3. I can't handle the cuteness. She gets prettier by the day. I think she really does look a lot like both of you.

  4. That picture with her on her belly is soo cute. I love that she likes it when you hold her hand too. :)

  5. She is just SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! :) I love her little OUTFIT! SO SWEET!

  6. She is SO super cute! Love the outfit too!

  7. Happy 3 months!! She looks like such a happy baby! Her outfit is so cute

  8. thank you! i love her skinny jeans too! they're NB size so I've been putting them on her almost every other day trying to get as much use outta them as i can! haha

  9. Corinne: isn't she? time is flying!

  10. Teeny tiny Vans! :) She's the coolest cute baby.

  11. ohmyword. those shoes! adorable.