January 22, 2011


The other day we got all dolled up for what was supposed to be another family photo shoot, but it fell through so we decided to snap a few pictures anyway. I had to post them on the blog for 2 reasons:
1- I love the face Rowan is making in the first picture.
2- Will you look at my shoes?!??! Oh man I love those bad boys.
Just to warn you.. we'll probably still be taking those family photos.. and we'll probably be wearing the exact same thing for them.. don't hate!

I'm feeling really accomplished and supermom-ish today because I only woke up at 7am but I've already:
-gotten completely ready for my day
-gotten Ro through her first routine/ready
-unloaded the dishwasher
-did one load of laundry
-had breakfast/coffee
-run a few errands out and about

All before 10am! And without D's help might I add. He's at a class for work.
Ro is currently napping and I'm off to enjoy another cup of coffee and read my new magazine! 
Hope you all have a great Saturdayyy


  1. I love the face she is making in the first one also!! And those shoes are amazing!!! Have a wonderful day love!

  2. Love the pictures! Rowan's name is so precious! Love it!!

  3. dang chicka. you're like a joan cleaver all the way! all you need is the pearls... but i guess the shoes will do.

  4. i love your heels! and you guys all look amazing :)