January 07, 2011

Date Night

D and I went on a little date tonight. We were supposed to go to an event in town, then changed our minds and decided on dinner and a movie, then changed our minds again and just did dinner.
We ended up renting a couple of movies on the way home and were back in bed snuggling by 8pm. 
So much for a big night out! But it ended up being the perfect Friday night.
Time for bed..
Nighty night!


  1. OK. Let's just talk. Your skinny self is making me feel inspired that just maybe I can be like that after this baby! ;) HEE HEE!

    (aLthough i was no WHERE near that skinny before this baby!)

    Anyway! I think that sounds like a LOVELY date night!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and I think your family is just the cutest. Your little girl is just gorgeous. (I have a six month old baby girl.)

    My little family has a deep hankering to move to HAWAII but don't have the slightest idea how to get over to those islands in the middle of the sea. A J-O-B for the hubs would be great but we are at a loss for how to find a job from over here on the mainland. Have ya'll always lived in Hawaii? If not, when/how did you move over there? I would love to hear your "how you ended up in Hawaii" story :)


  3. Your blog is so cute! I like it. :)
    Rylie from www.outnumberedblog.com

  4. Dinners without baby are the best.


    Kristina: my dad is from hawaii and our fam moved out here about 15 years ago. my fam moved back to the mainland 6 years ago but i stayed! D went to highschool here (his fam came out because his dad was in army)