February 18, 2011

Mama/Baby Style

Hmmm... I said I'd do these every now and then but it's turning into every day. That's ok!
Here's what we're wearing:
Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: No clue, I've had them forevs
Moccasins: A local store in Gatlinburg, TN- sorry don't remember the name
Necklace: Icing
Shirt: Baby Gap
Skinny Jeans: Baby Gap


  1. I love this outfit! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!! Seriously, so cute. And baby looks ADORABLE, as always :)

  2. aww i love her tiny little skinny jeans! and your moccasins are awesome!

  3. she's tooooooo adorable, i can't handle it!! you both look lovely!

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  5. Absolutely adorable! Love that I found you through Harpers Happenings!

  6. kgbubble: wow! that's pretty crazy, i'm surprised we don't know each other too! we used to play shows with the malcogs all the time! sucks you moved away.. it'd be nice to know some more mamas around here..
    don't be a stranger!

    Nani: aww thanks! and welcome!! ;o)

  7. holy crap! i live in gatlinburg! haha that's so cool, i bet i could find the shop you got them in too. when did you visit? funny, i've been considering moving to hawaii (and believe me, your blog has made the want way more intense!)

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  9. both of you look gorgeous! what style!

  10. Your necklace is perfect! And so are her skinny jeans. I can't wait to find out what our baby is so I can start outfitting him/her.

  11. Kella: D and I were there for Christmas break '09.. my fam lives in KY and we went to Dollywood!/Gatlinburg for some shopping ;o)

    kgbubble: yea.. i definitely don't see my friends like i used to.. but that was kinda already happening during the pregnancy so i figured once i had Ro it wouldn't get any better. the problem is that most of my best friends moved pretty recently.. and everyone else is busy with work and school. but it's ok, we were realistic about parenthood and knew what we were signing up for so i'm not depressed about it... just bored sometimes.. haha.

    melissa: thanks doll!

    Elizabeth: thank you! dressing little minis is so fun! you'll love it ;o)