February 11, 2011


Something I hope to post more about here is our music. Now that Rowan's a little older, we're at a place where we can start practicing and hopefully playing shows again. I don't have anything brand spankin new for ya but I thought I could share a little guest duet I recorded for our friends' band, The Hell Caminos. I really love how it turned out and the funny thing is, D's not in this band either but he's on the cover of their album so we both contributed to it.
Just click HERE and then press play to have a listen.

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  1. I love it Jessica!! Your voice is so beautiful!! The hubs and I both really enjoy music like this!! This is gorgeous! It's awesome that you and your husband both contributed something to this album. I love the cover art its great and I really really like this song. The hubs started tapping his foot when I first pushed play so you know its good in his book. haha.

    Love ya!

  2. love the song! glad i finally got to hear your voice--it's lovely. :)

  3. Okay. You are amazing and I love your beautiful voice! Talented mama right here.

    ps. I voted too <3

  4. You have such a great voice! Btw, I voted!

  5. love hearing voices of talented friends!! It sounded great!!!! Little Ro is so lucky to get to sing to her everyday...until you start singing in Hawaii again. So awesome!!!

  6. Dang. It won't play for me, "only available in the United States". I'm sure it's super cool!

  7. Beauuuutiful voice!!
    Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to hear more. :]