March 30, 2011

About Me

-I hate condensation
-I'm terrified of flying (thank goodness our flights this trip were short!)
-I can purr like a cat.. I mean really.. I sound like a real cat
-My middle name is Danielle and my mom sometimes calls me Dani
-I bit my fingernails my whole life until I got pregnant and haven't since
-I drive a black 2009 Scion XB and named him Darth Vader 
-I love potato chips. Especially salt & vinegar and flaming hot cheetos
-I used to work at Starbucks (and I really miss the free coffee)
-I love trashy reality tv
-I'm scared of the number 9
-D coincidentally proposed to me on Gwen Stefani's birthday and I'm pretty much her biggest fan of all time so that was awesome
-I love romantic comedies
-When I daydream about winning big with the lotto, the first thing I'd love to buy would be an awesome house for my parents anywhere they want
-I've wanted to be a famous musician since I was in 7th grade.. but now I'm not so sure that I'd like the famous part
-I love to shop and buy things and make my surroundings pretty, but if it all came down to me, D and Ro and the clothes on our backs, I know I'd be just as happy... and that's the way to live life
-I still don't have my wedding band. We bought the one I have now because it was on sale and we didn't have enough time to have the planned one made. I think D will give it to me for an anniversary someday. 
-I remember the very first time and place that I laid eyes on D (but didn't meet him until a couple weeks later) and it was right across the street from where I eventually bought my wedding dress. Fate. 
-I was painfully shy when I was a kid.. which a lot of people that know me now find very surprising
-I finally sorted through/packed away all of Rowan's baby clothes that she can't fit into anymore and cried the entire time.
-I've been told I look like Liv Tyler, Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, post-op Ashlee Simpson, Amy Adams, Britney Spears (I'm serious), Julianne Moore, Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry, and a young Joan Jet. Obviously not all at the same time... but over the years and through different phases. I actually was once, true story, chased down Waikiki strip by Japanese tourists yelling "BRITNEY SPEARS!" My friend Erica was with me, so I have a witness!
-Since we're on the celeb lookalike talk: people have mistaken D and I for celebrities multiple times (including just on this last family trip!) and have over eagerly/nervously approached us for photos. We still don't know who they thought we were but we played along. Once, two little girls had their mom get their camera and took photos of us sitting by our hotel pool from a distance while everyone else around the pool took notice and started staring at us trying to figure out who we were. D also was asked if he was famous by a nurse when I was in labor with Rowan.
-I'm kind of a pool shark
-I swear like a sailor
-I was a dork in high school (and proud of it!)
-I once had a dream about an ex boyfriend cheating on me. A few weeks later he did cheat on me, and with a girl that looked almost exactly like the girl in my dream. I'm totally psychic.
-The one store I wish we had in Hawaii the most is Ikea
-I'm stubborn
-I love playing video games, especially anything Mario Bros.
-I want to do so much and constantly feel rushed to do it all, like I'm running out of time
-D's going to teach me how to play the drums
-I try to write songs every day but am having a hard time right now. It's not something you can force so all I can do is wait out this rut.
-Seriously the best decision I ever made was to become a mama.. and I don't even care how cheesy that sounds

March 29, 2011

Our Vacation

Seriously, this vacation was so much fun. We put it together at the last minute so it was extra exciting because by the time we got there, we still hadn't had enough time to let it soak in that we were even going and it all felt like a dream! It was just a quick 40 minute flight over to the Big Island and thankfully Rowan did a fantastic job! She actually was a great traveler all around and we even managed to keep her on her schedule the entire trip. 

Day 1: We got upgraded to first class at the airport so Rowan's first flight was super sweet, enjoyed a "first class Mai Tai and Beer" (as we liked to call them),  got to our hotel around noon, got upgraded again to a nicer room with a sweet ocean view, went to our room via tram, unpacked, ventured off the hotel premises and enjoyed some lunch at a local spot, did some light grocery shopping for room supplies, walked around some of the shopping centers nearby, headed back to the hotel to change, then had lamb and fish for dinner while Ro slept in my lap and we could hear the ocean waves.
Day 2: We had a delicious breakfast and the best coffee ever at Kimobean(& I'm so excited to find out we have them here on Oahu!), headed to the pool/mini beach area and had lunch at the Lagoon Grill, sipped Mai Tai's, watched the dolphins and turtles, found seats with a canopy shade option and enjoyed the sun (then D and Ro took naps), went back to the room (via boat!) and changed, and enjoyed dinner at a local Italian restaurant.
Day 3: It was overcast and windy and our pool plans were foiled so we had coffee at Kimobean, explored around the hotel, had lunch at the Orchid Marketplace, packed and checked out, then drove into town to explore and get shave ice before heading to the airport, upgraded to first class AGAIN, then had the quick flight back home and enjoyed the sunset from our window seat the whole flight. 
I'd say our first family trip was pretty dang fantastic.