March 28, 2011

Guest Post: Jessica

Today's guest post is from Jessica and she's one of my internet bff's. She made my blog header, takes awesome pictures, knows a thing or two about clean eating and has an adorable son named Wyatt. On top of all that, she's frickin hilarious and blogs on the daily. Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, I engage in some friendly banter with her on twitter just to raise the spirits a little, ya feel me? She's the bomb!
Hello fellow Tart-ites. It's Jess Craig from IROCKSOWHAT and I'm guest posting today.... WHAAAAT?! Jessica is taking a much needed vacation and it got me thinking about previous vacations that we've taken in the past. When my son was only 3 months old, we flew across the country from Virginia to California to visit my in-laws. I was freaking out! I mean, what if my baby CRIED on the plane (heaven forbid). I was pretty much so neurotic and I thought that everyone would want to throw us off the plane before the trip was over. So, for those that are about to experience this drama, here's some advice...
1. YOUR BABY IS GOING TO CRY. Just know it. Don't freak out if he/she does. It's going to happen. I find it's best to just to take a deep breath, and let it happen. When we had flown that one time, I had gotten myself so bent out of shape with the thought that Wyatt was going to be so hard to handle- the second he cried I got myself so stressed out that by the end of the trip I was mentally exhausted. If you know that your baby is going to cry, then when it happens, you'll be prepared and expecting it. So just relax and take a deep breath. You'll be able to soothe your baby easier if you take this mental approach.

2. People can suck when you fly and there's always a douche bag or two that isn't used to kids. But you know what? We all started off as babies and in my experience, there were quite a few MORE understanding people around and some strangers even helped with holding Wyatt! It was nice having some Grandmas around. Just take things one step at a time and forget the rest. People are going to have their opinions, but the best thing is that it's just one plane ride and you never have to see them again. They'll get over it.

3. BRING A CAR SEAT! It doesn't count as a checked item (at least we've never had to check it in). Plus, if you have one, they're more likely to give you your own row to accommodate your seating needs. Once they made us store the car seat though and we had to hold Wyatt, but for the most part it's an automatic three seat row!

4. Nurse/feed your child during take offs and landing. It helps with the ear popping. It also soothed Wyatt at the time and honestly, I nursed him for hours when we flew. I was a human pacifier.

Now, traveling with a TODDLER will probably be an experience and we're soon going to have to live through it. I'm thinking it's probably going to be more challenging, but I'm just going to relax and let it happen. If he freaks out, then he freaks out.


  1. I experienced this when my boy was 2 months old. I swore that we would never again take a baby on such a long trip (Kansas to Denver, Denver to L.A., L.A. to Hawaii) because it was so bad. He was just so out of his element, but its okay...we lived and so did everyone else on the plane!

    Good advice!

  2. This is pretty funny...considering I'm about to fly with my 3 month old tomorrow! I've been freaking out too, but thanks for the tips!! :)

  3. i've never flown with my son, and now that he's 5 i'm sort of worried he wont sit still lol.

  4. I too flew with a little one and was so stressed about it but, it went far better than I could have imagined. Great tips and my fave is expect your kiddo to cry and just roll with it. Easier to prepare for it if you just plan on it! Great post!

  5. thanks for the tips - I'm due in April and live in Germany. I'll be flying home to Canada sometime this summer and I'm pretty nervous!

  6. great post! planning on traveling from DC to san fran this summer

  7. My son is almost two and we've flown every 2-3 months since he was born. It was a lot easier when he was an infant. BUT, lots of different snacks, videos on the laptop, and a new toy or two make all the difference in the world.

    Oh, and ignoring the keep your seatbelt fastened sign.