March 26, 2011

Guest Post: Maryam

We're about to head to the airport but just wanted to let you all know that I'm officially on vacay so I won't be blogging this weekend! While I'm away, I've rounded up some last minute guest posts by some lovely ladies so be sure to check them out! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I'll be back to regular posting on Tuesday!

First up is the adorable Maryam! She's one of my favorite little preggos around and is expecting a baby girl in June! Her blog is full of craftiness and pretty pictures and her husband has a kick ass beard. What more could you want? Love her!
Hello TART readers!  My name is Maryam and I blog over on Pamplemousse1983.  Jessica asked me to do a last minute guest post since her adorable little family is headed on a mini vacation and I quickly agreed.  After my initial pangs of jealousy, of course.  I thought it would be fun, since I can't get away for a beach/resort weekend, to put together a little theoretical What's In My Bag post if I were to go on vacation.  Also if I weren't pregnant and could actually fit in these lovely clothes. 
This is actually pretty close to what I pack when I do go on a short weekend trip, especially during the summer.  First, let's talk about the nautical striped shirt.  Because I'm obsessed.  In fact, I wore one today.  I think I own between 10 and 12 nautical striped shirts and every time I see another one I want it.  I need a 12 step program.  The truth is, they're classic and I haven't seen anyone not look good in one.  Also, they're easy to dress up or down.  I also love wrap cardigans of which I own 4 or 5.  They're the comfiest things ever and this particular one would look great over the striped shirt, floral shirt OR the dress and could pull off any of the looks.  

I opted to "pack" a pair of rolled cuff jean shorts because I think they would look great with either shirt as well as worn over the swimsuit.  Also because I can't wear them in real life (they look awful on me!  Le sad!) and we are playing pretend right now.  

I think the swimsuit is supercute and I have a thing for retro styled one piece swimsuits.  I have one that I bought a few years ago when Isaac Mizrahi was still styling for Target and I get compliments on it all the time.  It's very chic and modest and comfortable.  As a big busted lady, it's hard to find bikinis that fit well on top that I'm not constantly tugging on so a one piece that holds everything in is a welcome change.

As far as accessories go, I love the idea of wearing simple clothes (striped top, jeans, canvas shoes) and adding a funky piece like the crazy sun hat and bright bangles.  I, personally, am more of a crazy earring person but I do occasionally like to wear a funky hat now and again.  Plus it's a nice way to keep your face out of the sun.  Being fair I try to watch my sun exposure which is why I'd also definitely pack sun screen.  I like Neutrogena's Ultrasheer Drytouch sunscreen because it feels like you're not wearing it and it doesn't make me break out.  

I would pack all these things plus a few essential toiletries in a cute weekender bag and call it a day.  Oh, I also always travel with a book or some magazines and my camera of course.  

This brings my wishful thinking to a close...I think I'll sit on my patio in some shorts and run the sprinkler and pretend I'm by the ocean.  While I'm doing that, tell me, what would you pack for a pretend weekend getaway?


  1. Nautical striped shirts are most def. addictive!!! I'm due with my first baby in April and noticed that I can't seem to get enough striped baby stuff as well!!! yikes.

  2. Have fun on your vacay! Cute post, love that swimsuit!

  3. I love Maryam! She is soo cute and I love reading her blog!!

  4. ♥ the guest post! Maryam, this was great I love love LOVE those sunglasses!

  5. Love this! Looking forward to reading her blog everyday!

  6. Does anyone know the brand of that swimsuit! Its to die for!

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