March 27, 2011

Guest Post: Sarah

Today's guest post is from the adorable Sarah! Her blog is fun, cute and addictive. Just like she is actually. I don't remember which came first with us, twitter or the blog, but all I remember is that as soon as I found one I had to find the other. I love chatting with her on twitter because she's one of those gals that you know you'd be great friends with if you met in "real life" and you could spend hours and hours talking and laughing over coffee. Yep, that's my kinda gal. Not to mention she has a super cute boyfriend named Thomas that plays a big part in not only her life, but her blog as well. They make fun videos and take pictures of their outings and seem like they'd be a great couple to hang with. 
Hello! My name is Sarah & I blog over at The Electric Twist. I'm so happy that Jess thought of me for a guest post! She is the sweetest! Just to tell you a little about myself; I live in Sacramento, CA with my lovely boyfriend Thomas, I love kitties, vanilla lattes & all things vintage. Today I'll be telling you about my favorite vacation spot! I hope you enjoy! 
McCloud, CA is such a sweet little town located right near the top of California. When I say little, I mean it! But believe it or not, there is quite a lot of stuff to do up here. McCloud is known for it's natural beauty & of course the lumber and logging industry. That is actually why my grandparents parents came all the way over here from Italy! Without the lumber and logging industry McCloud would not exist and then who knows if I would even be here or even thought of! My dad grew up here and my grandparents still live here. Ever since I can remember we have come up to this little town to our home away from home! 
Some of my favorite spots are; the candy shoppe & cafe, the old catholic church, this old run down victorian house, the local fire house and all the beautiful snow!! Let me tell you, there is A LOT of snow here right now! I'm actually watching the snow fall right out the window as I type. McCloud gets all four seasons, which are all absolutely gorgeous! In the summer you will find everyone jumping of the falls into the ice cold water. It may be cold but so fun! Tonight is my grandparents surprise 60th anniversary party so we are all preparing for that today. I will leave you with some photos I took while walking around yesterday and today.
If you are ever in the area, you must visit MCloud! Thank you Jess for thinking of me and I hope you are having a blast!


  1. I love your quest bloggers while you're away soaking up the sun. Some new blogs to add to my blog roll is always fun.

    Thanks dear!

  2. thanks for such a terrific guest post! hoping to get to know each other over on your charming blog. xoxo

  3. love this post and your snow pics sarah!

  4. i love sarah and her blog! love these photos.